My Favorite Oily Blends

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There are so many blends to try and lots of DIY that I am looking into!!

Here are a few of my favorite blends and I will updating this page
as I discover more, so keep checking back! Okay? Okay! :)

I will also be sharing and updating about fun DIY's so you really
want to keep checking!

Okay, so here are a few of my favorites-

Peppermint & lavender - seasonal problems
Peppermint & RC - seasonal problems:)

Peppermint or Eucalyptus- a few drops in the corner of shower/bath.
Let the steam help you breathe easier. It's like mini spa time!
Peppermint in palm- help with morning head-discomfort
Peppermint or Panaway on temples and at the base of head/neck-head or muscle discomfort

Peppermint & lemon- energize. Great to diffuse during workouts!!!
Citrus Fresh & Peppermint- energize. Great to diffuse during workouts!!!

A drop or two of peppermint in a glass of water- gives your workout a boost!
A drop of lemon in a glass of water-great way to start your day!

Peppermint, Wintergreen or Lemongrass- Great to apply post workouts!
Panaway in roll-on- post workouts!

Lavender, stress away, and frankincense in the living area- calming for an evening at home

lavender, frankincense, and orange- great for an evening at home or when feeling stressed

Purification, thieves, and lemon in living area or any stinky area- gets rid of odor and give a fresh clean smell.

Lavender & Peace and Calming- relaxing and get ready for bed
Stress Away or Frankincense- help create a relaxing environment

lavender, lemon, and peppermint- seasonal support (almost every night for me!)

A few drops of Lavender with water in a spray bottle,
spritz your pillowcases an hour before bed- helps with sleep

I carry a roller bottle of lemon, lavender, and peppermint that I
top off with a carrier oil. This is in my purse and I grab it and roll
behind my ears and down my jaw when I need seasonal support.

I have a roller bottle with cedarwood, lavender, and copaiba that
I roll on before bed. I roll on my wrists and behind ears as a sleepy-time

I have a blend that I make for my hair. It's my mermaid hair spritz.
Consists of cedarwood, lavender, olive oil, witch hazel, and water.
I absolutely LOVE it. I spray on freshly showered hair and scrunch and
I have beachy waves!

I have some great recipes and different blends that I am going
to be trying out, so keep checking this page for ideas!

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