Saturday, August 1, 2015

journaling through the bible.

i have been taking sermon notes
for our church's facebook page
about 4 years now.
i update the facebook page
and take quite extensive notes
during the sermon-
on monday morning,
i get out my journal and start to
decorate the notes i took,
which helps me to re-live the sermon
and study a bit more of what was preached.
it helps to really 'store it in my heart'.

when along came a community
i had no idea existed.
bible journaling!

since i enjoyed taking notes and making them
all pretty,
it seemed like an automatic fit for me
to study God's Word and then
worship through art!

i have grown so much in my quiet time
with the Lord.
bible journaling
helps me to study His Word
and to really store it in my heart!

art worship!? Yes!
 journaling my faith? Yes!

i encourage you if you have been feeling
a bit stagnate in your walk with Him,
having a hard time sitting and being 'still'
or need a bit of push
to open that bible and let Him talk to you...
to speak to your heart...

to start slowly-
and bible journal!!!

it doesn't have to be fancy
you do not need all the right products or doo-dads...
your hand-lettering doesn't have to be perfect-

you are doing this for you,
for your time in the Word.
for your walk with the Lord.
for your relationship with Him.

i leave you with some of my examples...

i usually share on my IG account:

but, here are some of my favorite
sermon notes and  some of my
bible journaling in pictures!

Sermon Notes:

i have been highlighting in my bible for years.
i recommend dating your entries
because i came across this one
which i highlighted after i had lost my dad!!!
he died in November of 89.
i love that i dated this almost a year later! 

and then here are some of my 
bible journaling entries:

 this one below
shows me working out of three 
separate bibles.
i am leaving one to each of my daughters.
it also shows that you do NOT need a special bible!
write in the columns or wherever
you feel like!

i hope this inspires you to journal
and get in the Word a bit more.
i know it has been a HUGE help in my life
and my daily walk with Jesus!



Monday, July 20, 2015


the last few years i have joined in
choosing a 'word' for the year.

at the beginning of this year
i chose the word

my mother in law was in a rest home
battling alzheimers
and my husband and i were visiting
every day and making sure her needs were met
and that she was happy.

it was time consuming and stressful.
my husband was sad,
as he watched the daily decline of his mom
as was the rest of the family.

there were days when i wanted to scream
because, i felt the burden and stress of it all.
my husband was buried in the stress and worry
and it took a toll on us as a couple as well.
(not my proudest of moments)  :(

and then one day, as i sat thinking of what word
i would pick for this year, a small voice whispered

to have compassion on my mom in law
who was sick and couldn't help it.
it wasn't her fault she was so needy-
then there was compassion for my husband
and his siblings, because they were losing
someone they loved dearly, and it was so very sad.

as i grasped onto the word compassion,
i felt my heart swell into something new.
something had broke free.
i was able to let go
and compassion grew in it's place.

i wanted to go visit mom, and love on her
as much as i could,
because i knew without a doubt
that our days with her were numbered.

she passed away only two short months
after i had chosen the word, compassion
and i have absolutely no regrets.
i was there til the very end with her.
my heart was full of compassion
and love for this lady
who had been such an amazing woman
in her prime!
she not only raised 5 boys but, adopted
two girls...and worked her fingers to the bone
on their dairy farm and in her amazing garden!

this woman deserved admiration and praise
and i was so thankful to have her in my life.

i am also thankful that compassion
won in the end
that i was able to give her
the love and the respect
that she so dearly deserved!!


we all need it in our lives.
we all should give it as well
as get it.

a lesson i learned

am so glad i did.


Friday, July 3, 2015

be happy

just a simple message today-

be happy!

live, laugh & love.

be happy.