Saturday, June 17, 2017

the hawk

this post has been on my mind
for so long.
I run it over and over in my mind
but, never put it down in writing.

with Father's Day 
being this weekend;
today seemed the day
to put it in words.

I have shared the story
with a few close friends
but, I never want to forget
so I am putting it here.

My dad was an outdoorsman,
a hunter and hound-man.
He grew up in Wyoming
and was a legit cowboy.

We moved around a lot.
Dad, Mom, and us kids.
and we did a lot together, 
as a family.
Growing up
I never really understood.
Never realized, 
he wasn't like a lot of, other dads.
or those other families didn't 
move around like we did.

He would take us kids and mom
hiking, camping, and hunting.
we traipsed through swamps
with dad's hounds.
we hiked up mountains
just to go hunting.
when we camped,
we usually had to hike to it
& if someone was camping nearby
well, we found a different area!

He was always asking us
if we knew the name of 
a bird or
he would ask,
"see that eagle?"
"see that hawk?"
He knew every single
name, of them all...
and would often ask us
if we knew the name of a
particular bird or an animal.

as a pre-teen and teen
I wasn't very impressed.
I am sorry, I wasn't.
I am sorry it took so long
for me to notice.
to appreciate.

My dad died of cancer 
in the Fall of 1989
and a little while later...
I noticed my first hawk.
it was sitting on a pole along the side road
and I could hear dad say,
"see that hawk?"
I drove right on past it
but, I took note.
I remembered.
I could hear his voice, clearly
asking if I noticed it.

that is how it started.
that one day
a year or so after dad had died.

Now, I notice---
 an owl sitting on a fence
an eagle soaring 
a hawk sitting on a telephone pole
I think of dad.

I've begun saying 
to my husband as we are driving,

"see that hawk?" 
"Oh, look at the eagle!"
"turn around, I just saw an owl on a pole!"

I notice.

Last November
my husband and I flew to our 
daughter and son in laws home
in CA.
We were in a car driving to spend 
Thanksgiving with his family.
I was in the backseat
and I kept seeing hawks.
I mean, I stopped counting 
when I had seen at least
 6 of them!!

I reached down 
picked up my phone to text my Mom
to wish her a
 Happy Thanksgiving...
when I noticed the date on my phone!

the date was November 24, 2016
My dad passed away on November 24, 1989
I started to choke up
as I told my daughter
who was in the backseat with me,
how I had noticed
 so many hawks in such a short time,
and how I believed 
that my dad, her grandpa
was sending them
to say,
"I love you."
"I am thinking of you"

I still get a bit emotional 
when I think of that day.
It took over 6 hawks for me
to realize the significance
of that day.
but, I noticed!

I still see hawks and eagles.
I still remember.

I will keep
noticing those eagles.

I will keep noticing those hawks.

one day soon,
a hawk or eagle feather 
will be incorporated into a tattoo.

I will always remember
you, dad.

Happy Father's Day!


Monday, May 22, 2017

I add essential oils to my water!

I add Young Living Essential Oils
to my water daily.
I cannot tell you the safety of other companies
but, I do know that Young Living Essential Oils
are safe to ingest!
In fact, they have a whole line of Vitality Oils!!

Every morning I grab my glass pitcher
and I add a few drops of oils to the bottom
then fill it with water.
I refill my glass water bottle all day long.
The goal for me is to finish off the pitcher
before bed!

I am loving the added flavor of essential oils
in my water so much, that I am consuming
WAY MORE WATER on a daily basis
and we all know how good that is for our bodies.

Today, to my pitcher I added
Young Living's Slique Essence.
It has grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, spearmint and ocotea.
Slique Essence helps with maintaining a healthy weight
and I don't know about you but, that is something I need
in my life!

I love to get up in the morning and add
Slique Essence and I usually add a drop or two
of another YL oil.
My favorite is to add peppermint because it is so

I would love to help you get your hands on Young Living Oils!

Our  home uses them and I am blown away by their
safety, purity and overall effectiveness.
If I can answer any questions you may have,
please leave a comment or shoot me an email
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Yes, I use Essential Oils!

Yes, I use Essential Oils.
Yes, you did read that right!

I purchased a kit 
& have been playing around with lots of recipes.

Bath salts.
Muscle rubs.
Different diffuser blends.

I am loving all things 'OILY'

For real.

I know crazy. Huh?

I am diffusing at night!
I notice on the mornings when I've skipped
turning on the diffuser...
that I wake up with seasonal discomfort!

For real.

If you have questions. I would love to talk to you!

You can comment and I will get back to you, asap!

 You can check out my Essential Oils page on this blog
(it's up at the top of my blog)
 or you can click here

This will give you more information and links to my page.

It will give you information on a few of the oils I use
and all my distributor info.

I will be adding another page on my blog
very soon!

On this page, I will share some of my favorite recipes
favorite oils!!

So, if you want more info
let me know!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Personal goals for 2017

I am a work in progress.

This is always more
evident at the beginning of a New Year!

When I think of how I lived my previous year---
Thankfully, each day is a NEW day.
Each day is a chance to begin again. A fresh start!
Yes. How awesome is that?
We do NOT to keep it status quo.

So, with that being said, these are qualities and
things in my personal life that I would like to work on!

1. Live life happily. Full of joy.

2. Embrace adventures as they come.

3. Be content. Be happy.

4. Show love to my immediate family. My husband and my daughters and their families.
By offering my time. my attention. my affection and listening
and talking WITH them and not AT them.
Always, always being available.

5. Show more love to my extended family by offering more of my time to them. Calling/texting my Mama more often. :)

Grow more in the Word. By daily opening the bible and letting God speak to me.

Show more compassion to those around me in need. Smile at others and be kind.

Be a nicer friend.

Journal more and concentrate a bit more on my writing.

Read more. TV less and books more!

Let go of disappointments and rejoice in the accomplishments
no matter how small and minute.

Like I said, I am a work in progress!!!
Some of these goals will be easier than others
but, each and every day is a new day and a new chance
to work at these goals!!

How about you?
Do you have any goals? Physical or personal?
I’d love to hear about them!