Saturday, August 25, 2018

DIY with Essential Oils

An easy-peasy DIY for you!
I call it Run Hair. Don’t Care!
You can call it Gym Hair or Mom get the idea, call it what you want. 😉

I was looking for something for those days when I go on a run and shower afterwards but, don’t have time to fuss with washing the hair. My hair gets damp along the hairline or flattened from my running hat.
I thought about a dry shampoo or something to just perk the hair up a bit and of course make it smell fresher. I decided to make something with essential oils and so far I am liking it!!
It’s doing what I wanted it to do and that’s a WIN in my book! ❤️

• Small spray bottle (mine are from Amazon)
• 1 t corn starch ( I was thinking arrowroot or baking powder would work, too? I just happened to have corn starch)
• Nice big squirt of Witch Hazel ( yeah, I didn’t measure)
• Essential oils of your choice
I chose Cedarwood and Lavender because they are known to be great for hair and Tea Tree for the cleansing properties!
• Finally, I topped it off with water.

I spritzed all along my hairline (front & back), just a little bit down my part and then just ran my fingers through my hair and fluffed.
My hair got a bit damp, depending on how much you spritz (so it’s not like aerosol dry shampoo) but, it was not enough to wreck the hairstyle... just enough to make it feel freshened?!
* turn the bottle upside down (don’t shake) with each use to make sure the oils and powder get dispersed.

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

What are your tricks or do you have any for after a workout? Do you wash your hair every day?

Don’t have essential oils? Want to know more?
click my link HERE