Tuesday, November 8, 2016

the path

the path is
strewn with
autumn colored leaves.
wet from last night's rain;
leaves lay, like a
colorful, slippery carpet.

I run along the path-

feet hitting the trail
in a rhythmic pattern,
chest lifting as lungs fill
with the cool fresh air-
heart-beats keeping time with the strides,
and thoughts all to myself
this is my time...just mine.

the path, empty.
not another soul-
just the tree-lined path and I.
peaceful. beautiful. quiet.
alone time at it's best.

looking up ahead
I see the path wind and twist
towards a small wooden bridge,
slowing down to notice the stream-
listening to it lap against the shore.

this path and I.
we are friends.

I will be back very soon
to run with you, my friend.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

wind in the willows

the willow branches sway
and blow haphazardly
as fierce gusts of wind
blast through the trees

leaves and small limbs
litter the ground
and surrounding area
as the wind continues
to shake and bend the trees

farm animals are
hunkered down safely,
in their barns

the autumn storm
has arrived just like
it was forecasted
leaving debris scattered
across the lawns and
nearby neighborhood

but, inside the old farmhouse
there is a soft glow
from candles burning,
the warmth of the fireplace
and the scent of soup on the stove
which makes coming in from the storm

a safe haven


Monday, September 26, 2016



a blanket of colored leaves
covers the ground
gentle wind fills the air
blows through the trees

the changing of seasons
autumn colors
cooler weather
warm spicy drinks & sweaters