Monday, January 12, 2015

memories made

our daughter and family were here
from california for the holidays.

we were able to do many wonderful
activities and make fun memories!

one of the things that will stick in my mind:
sledding and snowshoeing at mt. baker :)

it was cold and it was fun!

i also participated in 'dressember'
committing to wear a dress every day in december
to raise money and awareness for human sex traffickling.
partering with 

so, i actually wore a sweater DRESS
up to snow shoe! :)

the holidays are over;
the kids all back to their homes & work
my hubbie and i are back to our routine...
but, memories were made
memories are stored away 
to be pulled up and remembered for 
years to come.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

happy new year

just a simple wish.
that you would have a wonderful and blessed new year.
that 2015 would be good to you.

my word of the year: compassion.

with the family moving my mom in law
into a rest home---
my word was easy this year: compassion.

to show more compassion and love.

my mom in law doesn't recognize me a lot of the time
but, she knows i love her.
i tell her everytime we visit.

she might not remember who i am
but, she knows she is loved.

i want to show more compassion
to her and to her sons/daughters
who are going through this scary and sad time.

just loving on her
so she knows she is cared about.
spending time with her.
cherishing sweet moments
with her.

that is what my goal is for this year.

shining my light.
loving others.

there is hope & a future. -jer. 29:11

peace and blessing to you and yours
this 2015.


Friday, December 19, 2014

simple things.

this time of year
sometimes it's a bit hard to see the sweet moments.

with the hectic shoppers in the stores,
crazy traffic on the roads
the all around busyness & stress:
the cost of gifts, the food to bring, clothes to wear,
which parties to attend...
attempting to make everyone happy
it get's a bit exhausting! :(

sometimes it's a bit hard to see those sweet moments.
but, i know they are there.
in the simple things.

a hot cup of tea.
candy canes on the tree.
attending our grandson's christmas preschool program
an evening at home
relaxing by the glow of twinkle lights.
new christmas scented candles and room fresheners.
the arrival of family who live far away.
satsumas and chocolate in the house.
witnessing christmas through the eyes of a child.
christmas music. all. day. long.
baking. eating. baking. eating.
thank goodness there is a new treadmill in the house too! ;)

in all this and more i feel/see
love. love. love.
family. family. family.
joy. joy. joy.
and i am more than thankful.
more than blessed.

there is joy in the simple things.
in the small things.
in the little things.

maybe it was one single moment this week?
did you see it?

just maybe in the hustle and bustle,
you stopped and took notice of
something beautiful.
something lovely.
something sweet and simple.

i hope you took the time!

be still and know.
you are loved.

will you join me?
will you share your sweet moment with us
by linking to: SWEET SATURDAYS!!

and last but, not least---
i wish you the merriest
and the most magical christmas ever!

that you can feel the love, hope and wonder
this time of year brings.

be blessed.