Wednesday, May 27, 2015's a family affair!

in our family
is like a love language! ;) 

for as long as i can remember,
coffee was the only drink of choice
in my family.

my parents 
were never without of pot

dad carried an old tupperware tumbler
before there were travel mugs!
his old truck smelled of coffee.

to this day,
the smell of black coffee 
brewing in the morning,
reminds me of my parents home.

i began drinking coffee
as a young pre-teen.
it was inevitable really...
i mean,
a pot of coffee 
was always on in our home
as a kid!

i remember coming home 
from school,
where i would find mom
sitting at the kitchen table
with a cup of coffee.
as a teen,
i knew she was there
if i needed to talk,
sitting at that old table 
with her coffee. 

it seemed so very natural
when my brother, casey
decided to try his hand at coffee roasting.

for one, 
we live in the pacific northwest
so, houses
are everywhere
but, also with the family's
love of coffee...
it also seemed to be the perfect path.

a micro-coffee roaster
his coffee is amazing!
(no, i am not partial)

i sit here this morning,
with my french roasted coffee
and am so proud of 
my brother,

he just opened a website
where his coffee can be ordered.

his gallery is awesome too...
it has pictures of his own family 
along with pictures of my mom & dad
also his siblings-
which means, me along with my
two brothers! :)

his different blends:

you cannot go wrong with any of these blends!

if you decided to try some of his coffee
and you order it...
please let me know!

i would LOVE to tell him...
that one of my friends order his coffee!

*by the way this was NOT a sponsored post!
i truly LOVE his coffee
and wanted to share it with you!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

a break

i took an unintential blog break-
not a planned one but, a much needed one.

the world around me just keeps on moving
and i myself keep on going,
i had lots of projects going on...
but, the dreaded writers block?
seemed no end to it either. :(

i have been intential and consistant
in my bible study and staying in the Word.
taking some time to enjoy little things.
being a bit creative
with my sermon notes and journal/planner.

still keeping up with my running/walking
even through injury. :(
my knee has become inflamed and hurts.
i am trying to baby it. icing, rolling and elevating...
but, may need to actually take a longer break
than i wanted to.
i have 5ks planned for each month along with a
half marathon in the books for this fall.
i NEED to get this knee better!

also, along the fitness theme...
i have joined with ITWorks team-

using their products is easy!
seems to go hand in hand with
my fitness journey.

i have sampled their Greens
(alkalize, detox, balance & energy!)
now i will be purchasing them!

i am adding Thermofit, (burns more calories while exercising)
Protein and Omega (joint pain)
so i am very excited to start this fun journey!!

ohh, and they have these crazy wraps too,
which might be nice for me to try
with the upcoming shorts/bathing suit weather?? hmmm.

if anyone is interested, you can check them out
by following my link:

if you do check them out or have questions about
purchasing any of them or even joining...let me know.
if i don't know the answer, i can surely find it!!

again, if you have ever been curious about ItWorks...
you can follow my link:


Monday, April 6, 2015

step out of that mud puddle and look up!

today as i went on a mid-morning walk
i began by looking down as i walked.
so caught up in things that are burdening me;

my dear friend whose family received an ugly diagnosis
and who are treasuring each and every day they have together.
my knee which is causing me pain when i walk/run
making it harder for me to get out and exercise like i want to.
yesterday was our first easter without my mom in law...
and the general ugliness of the world and the news.

yes, i was thinking on these things when a took off for my walk.

and then, and then...i looked up!

the sun was shining on me!
i had a silly shadow that mimicked my every move. :)

the sky? Oh my goodness!
the sky was this brilliant blue,
the color was so intense it looked
like it had been hand-painted!
the clouds so fluffy
it was as if God had placed cotton balls
in the sky. it was so lovely!
Genesis 1:1

while i was looking UP,
i noticed an eagle soaring above me.
floating on the air & circling overhead.
when out of what seemed no where..

appeared a hawk.

he flew a few hundred yards away from the eagle...
and as i watched these two,
they began to circle in unison!
it was as if they were doing a synchronized dance
just for me!
how amazing!
Isaiah 40:31

i thought to myself...
look what i would've missed
if i would have continued to walk with my head down!?
i would have missed this wonderful dance
and this beautiful sky above me!

it is so, so easy to look down.

to crawl into that hole,
to sit in that mud puddle.
to let all the ugliness just cover you
& to wallow in it all.

but, if you will only pull yourself out.
i mean, drag yourself if you have to!
but, just get out of that mud puddle
and look UP!

see the beauty around you!

maybe it is just something little
like seeing the blue sky above you,
or feeling the sunshine on your back.

beauty is there, if you take the time
to notice.

but, if you are looking down,
you might miss that stranger
who just smiled at you.
the gorgeous snow covered mountain in the distance.
blue skies, puffy clouds and eagles floating above.
or wild flowers growing along side the road

beauty is there.

it's in the everyday and the mundane.

it is, if we will only look.

my wish for you and i both...
is that we see the good in something today!

look in that mirror and smile at yourself!
you are an amazing, beautiful person.

and above all. you are loved!


have a shiny day my friends.
be blessed!