Tuesday, August 19, 2014

europe. was it last summer?

just a summer ago
my husband and i
boarded the flight
that would
take us
to europe.

we were going to be
visiting with our family
who are missionaries

so very far away
from the pacific northwest!

yes, last summer
we spent three fun-filled weeks
traveling in europe
and staying in
vienna, austria
with our sweet family!

one year
has past?
in some ways it seems like
forever ago
that we were there...
walking the streets of
along with other
side trips to other scenic places!

a lot can happen 
in one years time too.

my sweet little family
who consist of
our daughter, son in law 
and adorable five year old grandson
are now expecting another little boy
in OCT!
this little guy will be born in 
vienna, austria.

as the
 the mom of the 
and granny to the new little one
it is so hard to not be 
while she plans and decorates 
the nursery,
while she shops for the 
little one.
while she prepares
to bring another
sweet boy 
into the world!

i struggle.

my hope 
is to be able
go back to vienna
 after the little one
is born!

oh, to see the look on 
my five year old grandson's face
as he holds his baby brother!

to spend time with
both of these grandsons
my daughter and son-in-law.

yes. i. struggle.

i hold my chin up.
i smile.
but, it is hard.
hard to not be near
the ones 
i love.
(oh, if only it was driving distance!)

i know
that right now...
in this moment
in time---
this is where
God has called them.

so, i pray.

for this family
 who are far away
from those who love them.

for my grandson
who is
going to be a big brother

i pray fervently
for a healthy birth for the new little one,
i pray
for my daughter

yes, i pray
for my husband and i
& our family here in 
the U.S.A.

because we do miss them.
*the other night
my 4 year old grandson
who lives 
here in the PNW
said, he could see the lights
of vienna
 when we
were at the top of the
 ferris wheel. :)

we miss them.
love them.
but, are SO proud of them!

such is the life of a
 missionary family
and those of us
 love them.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

finding my way-

years and years ago
when i was in junior high...
i discovered the joy of
hiking solo;
i would get home from school
throw on a backpack 
stuffed with my journal and a pen---
and off i would go,
stopping along the way
to jot some poetry 
in my journal.

usually i didn't get home
until dinner time!

being up around the
trees and fresh air
always cleared my head,
helping me cope
with the social anxieties
that every junior high kid

 natural for me;
growing up in a home
where my dad thought 
camping meant
with all our own gear---
and heading somewhere
 no one else
would ever, ever
 imagine going!! :)

(thank-you, Dad!)

my husband and i 
hiked when we were
and then later
we hiked as a 
young growing family;
took our daughters
 on many, many hikes
as they were growing up.

we continue this tradition
with at least one
hike a year as
a family.

this year,
so far
i have been lucky enough
to go on four hikes...

two hikes with family
and two hikes with friends.

the last couple hikes i did,
were so crazy beautiful...
it was easy to see why 
my dad 
used to say, 
hiking was where he
 felt the closest to

it was impossible
 to look at the beauty around me
and not
thank our Maker for it

God's handiwork was
 evident everywhere
i looked!

in the trees that sloped on the hills,
puffy clouds floating above me,
clear blue skies,
the sunshine glistening off the 
icy lake,
the meadow bursting with flowers,
a bubbling brook,
rock formations that just begged
 to be climbed.

in it all,
everywhere i looked...
abundant beauty

thankful. blessed. grateful.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

happy & content

I have always been a bit partial to cats. Growing up in a home where my dad and brothers had hunting/hound dogs, I have always had a cat!

My love for cats has always been a strong one. I love their independence, the attitudes and really almost everything about them.
In our home now, our cat 'Miss Olive' pretty much rules the roost, and she has me wrapped around her paw! Since being empty nesters, we have poured a lot of our love, attention and affection into this sweet but, sassy tuxedo kitty!
Olive can sit for hours upon hours just sitting in her window seat, watching the commotion of our farm. She also loves to watch the birds from this seat and sometimes will try to attack them through the window. It is quite comical to watch!

Our Olive is strictly an inside kitty, because of our farm and the tom-cats that prowl around, we do not let her out. Olive runs and I do mean she runs, to the back door every time it gets opened, thinking she can escape and that the world is more exciting outside; until the other day when my grandson let her out by accidentally leaving the door ajar. She snuck out and we could not find her for about an hour. She was on top of our roof, scared and stuck in the gutter. I had hoped that this incident had frightened her enough, that she wouldn't try to escape but, sadly enough she still thinks the grass is greener and that outside on the farm is more exciting!?

Maybe there is a lesson in this for us, after all? For some, the grass is greener; the neighbor's house is bigger, their car is shinier, their clothes are nicer, their kids are more behaved, their wives are skinnier, prettier and on and on it goes. When, what we have is more than enough! Just like Olive's home is more than enough for her, she doesn't need anything more to be happy and content!

Oh, if we could just be happy and content with our life and all our many gifts!