Thursday, April 17, 2014

what i learned?

i am participating in a photo challenge
on instagram...
today it was: what i learned.

as i was getting ready for the day
and putting on my makeup
and doing my hair,
what popped into my head
as something i learned?

well, it was cancer!
truly it was a blessing,
in all the worry of my mortality
scared nights &
sick days
along with hair loss....
i learned some valuable lessons!

Photo Challenge: Something I learned.--- I have learned many things over the years; after 34 years of marriage and raising a family, I realized how important family, commitment and LOVE was! But really? One of the most important things I ever learned?? Having cancer! I learned how precious life was, how I wanted to treasure each moment, be in the present, to smile and be thankful, show my loved ones how much I care, to not take anyone for granted, to be grateful for my blessings, to see beauty EVERY single day... because it is THERE if we choose to look AND I learned to never judge a book or a PERSON by their cover! What is on the INSIDE is where the strength and the true beauty are! Life is good and God is GREAT!

be blessed today my sweet friends!


Monday, April 14, 2014


this last weekend was quite the jam-packed one,
i can tell you that!

my mother in law turned 90 on April 10!

a few of us decided to throw an open house
for her; inviting the community and it was
quite the day!
(my husbands sisters and families
came and stayed with us for the weekend, too)

there were people from all over
who came to wish her a happy day
and it was so nice to see her enjoying herself too!

it was a beautiful day and with teamwork from
some of my husbands siblings we put on
a wonderful affair that i think my mom in law
will treasure. :)
me with my mom in law and hubs

i was pretty tired that evening after cleaning up
the church where we had the open house...
i really wanted to crawl in a corner and take a nap. ha.
but, family was here from oregon and we stayed up
pretty late; even though we all knew i had a BIG day
the following morning. :)

you see, i woke up the next morning at 6
and was out the door by 7 to meet up
with some of my best friends from high school
(yes, H.S. was a VERY LONG time ago)
but, there are a few of us that have kept in VERY close contact
and we decided we were going to do a HALF Marathon together!
We met at one of the parents places, a block from the starting line
and we walked to the event.
We did the 13.1 mile marathon (we all walked it) and we had such
an amazing time, laughing and visiting...
we ALL are excited and
cannot wait to do it together again!

after finishing the race, we all walked to a restaurant
approx. one mile away from our cars and then we all
walked back to our cars again after lunch! LOL

i was pumped and still full of energy! (skipping part of the way to
the restaurant!) still laughing and giggling all the way there and back! :)

4 out of  6 of our YA-YAs
 participated in and finished
the 13.1 miles! 
we are YaYa- STRONG!
missing 2 of the YaYa friends
who had other commitments.
but, we will get them NEXT time!!

this morning, i woke up fully intending to take the day off;
maybe work in my yard and read...but i woke to a beautiful
sunshiny day (which we don't get a LOT of here in the PNW)
so, i donned my gear and headed outside.
i wanted to enjoy the sunshine and just stretch those muscles a bit
but, i wound up power-walking well over four miles. ha!

so the past weekend was quite the busy one!
we accomplished a lot as well-
family visits along with all of us putting on a huge Open House!

then finishing off the busy weekend by walking in a
half marathon with my YaYa friends!

beautiful. life. is. just. beautiful.
and i am thankful.
oh, so thankful.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

just me. that's all. me.

a week from today
i will be participating in my 2nd half marathon. :)
i will be doing it with
a group of friends this time...
a bunch a gals who can talk
a mile a minute.
should make the 13.1 miles go by
pretty quickly.

i walk six days a week
well, most weeks anyway...although
living in the PNW there are days when
the rain is coming down in SHEETS
and i decide exercising
in the house sounds good
or sitting in front of the fire 
with a good book
sounds even BETTER!! ha.

since faithfully power-walking for the past year
my distance has increased
along with my speed.

my husband says:
i walk faster than a lot of people jog! :)

although i must say,
i am competing with no one
but, myself.

i am competitive by nature, though.
it could be growing up the only girl
in a house of boys?
i am fairly competitive
and am usually pretty good at sports.
that being said, 
i set out each morning

to just get a walk in!!

nothing more than that.
just to get out and walk.

not competing with someone else...
just me.

i am not comparing myself to anyone else:

 not how many 
days someone else walks
how FAST they walk
or how FAR they walk...

just getting outside by myself.

hitting the road and walking-

mile after mile...
walking clears my head.
it helps me stay fit.
i  also use walking 
for contemplation,
and alone time, with God...
not to mention the happy endorphins! :)

it doesn't matter how far or how fast i go...
really it doesn't.
as long as i get out and do it.

you see
i am not competing with
except myself!

trying to be the best possible
me, i can be.

so when i saw this poster today
i couldn't help but put it
here on my blog!!

i walk
for me.
and ONLY for me.
no one else!

i am not trying to be better than anyone else.
just a better, melody!

that is all.