Friday, April 19, 2013

friday outfit post

it is friday
can we get a YAHOO!??

my husband and i 
along with our small group 
are meeting tonight and 
going to see '42' at the theatre.

anytime we go to the movies is a good day for me!

i eat popcorn for dinner. 
that's right. i said it.

popcorn for dinner.

don't tell my girls. hehe

this outfit is what i wore yesterday
for a costco run.
yes, this is really what i wore.
 i wear dresses even to costco!

dresses are my first choice.

to me;
wearing a dress
 is as close to wearing my yoga pants 
as i can get!!

navy cardigan is aeropostle but, i thrifted it.
dress is old; from target
navy leggings from aeropostle
lucky brand ankle boots 
via tjmaxx

i lived in this hat 
the whole time we were in vegas
and have a feeling
it will be my
go to accessory this summer. :)

i found it at walmart. 
a cute hat from walmart?
yes, i said wally world!

have a wonderful weekend
my shiny friends-



Susan Kane said...

You look too darn good in that outfit to go to CostCo or WalMart! Go to Kohl's, or Macy's.

Anna said...

Love the outfit!

On Instagram I have a picture with me wearing a black hat. It's my go to on a bad hair day. It's also from Walmart, so you are not alone. ;)