Tuesday, February 5, 2013

us- part one.

he went to the same school as i did
but, was an upper class-man
so i knew who HE was but,
he had no idea who i was.

a few years later he is off at college
and my brother is working for his parents
on their dairy farm.

my mother goes to pick up my brother.
and sees him.
the farmer boy

she comes home and says, "today i met the man
you are going to marry!"

i said something like, "mom, he has a girlfriend.
and i have a boyfriend..."

she didn't listen, but rolled her eyes and went on to
explain how cute he was.

months go by, i tell my brother i want a little farm kitty.
and we go to the farm.
i flirt like crazy.
with the farmer boy. ;)

as we are leaving, he leans into the passenger side window
with his shiny blue eyes and huge smile.
asks if i would want to go for coffee sometime.

my heart melts just a little.

he calls a few days later.
we go out a few times but, i am kind of dating someone else
who is coming home from being gone all summer.
and he is also kind of seeing someone else.

so we do not see each other for close to 6 months.

this is part 1 or 4.
you can continue this story here:
part2 part3 part 4



Susan Kane said...

I have to wait until Tuesday? Dang.

Nonnie said...


Linda said...

I love this! Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you like the Farmer commercial? It was my favorite!


melody-mae said...

Linda- Yes! We all stopped talking and sat there watching that commercial! My favorite commercial by FAR!!!:)

Hanna said...

So cute!! And so funny that we're sharing the same thing on the same day! Love it!!! Can't wait to hear the rest:) xoxo Hanna

Empty Nester said...

Well, obviously, I know how it turns out but it's still a cliffhanger!