Wednesday, February 6, 2013

miss olive kind of day :)

today is a miss olive kind of day.

i put her in an old pink vest
thinking it would be cute for
a valentine photo contest...
yeah. not so much. ;)

i am amazed at how much company she is!
i love that at night she jumps on our bed
finds her spot at the top of our bed
right next to my head.
she curls up there and snuggles...

for you cat lovers
you know. :)

also, i keep saying i think she thinks
she is a dog.
she gets into my husband's socks
and drags them downstairs in her mouth...ha.

every morning we have a routine, olive and i.
i come into our family room
and open the blinds and she jumps to her
favorite spot and sits and watches
the birds and the neighbors chickens...
every morning without fail.

yes, today is an olive kind of day
i enjoy her and her quiet friendship.
she watches over the farm from her perch
and i watch her over my cup of coffee.
all is good.

hope you too are having a wonderful day.

blessings be upon you today.



Sweet Tea said...

What a sweet story about Olive - love her name too!

thisisme said...

Olive sounds like such delightful company for you! Love the photos today.

dandelionfleur said...

I'm not usually a cat person, but for Olive I will make an exception.