Monday, February 18, 2013

us- part three

i will finish this short series on friday-
which will be our anniversary!
i plan to give this as a gift to my husband. :)

maybe you missed the first two?
if so, you can go here for part one. & here for part two.

i remember...

i remember this;
in the dark movie theatre
he reaches over to hold my hand.

i feel three squeezes.
i am not sure what that means.
so i looked up at him in the dark.

he does it again.
only slower.
& he is looking intently at me.

i think i understand.
and squeeze back three times.

i. love. you.

and then there is no more stumbling & melting.
i have just officially, fallen. head over heels.

just the other night
right before i dozed off.

he slung his arm over my shoulder
and tapped three times.
i am curled on my side away from him.
i reach up to his hand and tap
three times
and i fall asleep
knowing. ;)

and finish the series here: part 4


Empty Nester said...

Y'all are just too cute!

thisisme said...

That is just so romantic - I love it and, believe me, you are blessed to have a relationship like that.

Hailey said...

haha how cute :)

Nonnie said...

I like your story ... and I like your signal. DH and I have a special little signal, too. Looking forward to your finale on your sweet love story!