Saturday, February 2, 2013

seeing beautiful

today was lovely

this morning, my husband walked in while i was
having my coffee and said,
"there is a car auction that i would
like to go to."
so i threw a hat on and off we went
(i brought my coffee with. ha)

after the auction where of course
he did not buy anything...
we went to DQ for an early lunch

we live in the pacific northwest and it rains a lot ;)
today though it was GORGEOUS!
the sun was out and it was 50 degrees. sigh
lovely. just beautiful.

we decided to take the long way home
and wound up stopping for more coffee. :)

afterwards, we are driving home
and i look out the window and
i actually told mark
he needed to pull over for me,
i wanted to take a picture of the beauty around us.

i mean wow.
we live in an amazing part of the pacific northwest.
i love it.

i really try to take time and see the beauty.

we stopped to pick up
groceries for tomorrow
because, we are hosting friends for
super bowl sunday. :)
i needed stuff for crockpot chili! mmmm-

when i got home i decided
enough was enough...
i needed to get outside and enjoy this weather.
i threw some boots on (it is still muddy out)

and went for a two mile walk.

it felt so amazing!!!!

i hope you my friend are having a
wonderful weekend so far.

may you be blessed with happiness and see beautiful.



Nicole said...

I'm making chili tomorrow too! Beautiful scenery.

Elisabeth Andrée said...

What a lovely post to read, you seem so relaxed and satified:)

thisisme said...

I don't blame you for telling Mark to pull over so that you could take that photo. What stunning scenery with those beautiful mountains in the background. You are blessed indeed to live in such a wonderful place. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday! Love the hat by the way.

Sweet Tea said...

When you talk about the beauty of your area I always think of my oldest son and his wife who live in WA. I've never been there, but they say it is beautiful too! Great photos!

Nonnie said...

It is so beautiful there. We had the privilege of living there for about four months many years ago and enjoyed taking it all in. You definitely stopped to "smell the roses".

Melodee said...

beautiful pix! love your cute beanie, too! it is SO pretty up there! my son will be working up there for a while, so excited for him to experience the gorgeousness!!