Thursday, November 3, 2011

thrifty thursday

3. i am thankful for a warm & cozy home

i want to thank all
of my friends for
offering unspoken prayers
i so appreciate them

today, on this thursday
i am posting some outfits
for what i am calling a thrifty thursday...

my outfits will be what i have worn
over the past week-
at least one or more of the items
will be thrifted! ;) hehe
the military coat was one of those goodwill finds
that i almost screamed when i saw it...hurried and put it
in my cart and kept an eye on it at all times so no one would 'steal' it...hehe
i love this coat! 
this coat is originally from american eagle-
to complete the outfit: 
scarf/nordstrum (full price! EEK) 
bootcut jeans & black t-shirt/old navy 

red cardigan/was BRAND new with tags from 
local consignment shop called: labels! 
navy blouse/thrifted @ value village
skinnies/jc penneys
and to complete this outfit?
take a look at these shoes...:)

these adorables are one of my latest thrift finds. i found these at salvation army-
the color is a bit odd, kind of a wine color... but, i do loooove them!

sweater/local consignment shop (labels)
 brown turtleneck/target
brown booties/so old i cannot remember! :)
sweater/consignment shop (labels)
lacy dress/target (last christmas)
skinnies/jc penneys
and i wore this outfit with a new pair of
thrifted boots!

i love these boots! i found these at labels (local consignment shop)
i gifted one of my thrifted pairs of boots
(over the last month i have found THREE pair)
to my daughter because, 
the sweet mustard heels (i blogged about them heredidn't fit her and
i wound up keeping them! hehe
which i should've taken a picture of
since i wore them on sunday! ;)
last but not least is a close up of my 
new glasses!
i adore them. 
dark purple and a bit larger than my other ones...
and i bought them online so they were a LOT cheaper than my other pair...
gotta love that! :)

may you have a lovely thursday
i will be babysitting today
two little cousins who
are beginning to really bond
and play well fun!

be blessed,



Judy Haughton-James said...

Lovely clothes, shoes, boots and eyeglasses melodymae! Speaking of glasses, I may change mine at the end of the year. I depend on it a lot. I can't see well on the computer without my eyeglasses. Take care and all the best to you.

Chatty Crone said...

You did great with all that! And I love the glasses - online??? How?


Thoughts for the day said...

I love all your sharing and how in the world do you order glasses on line and have them fit?

melody-mae said...

the glasses online was pretty easy! I went to two different sites and found ones I liked and then you just put in your prescription and you need to know your PD which is pupillary distance and if you do not know it they have a place to diy. When mine came they were a bit big, so they slid down my nose but, I went into Lens Crafters and they sized them for me for free! :)
The two sites I went with were: and Check them out!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Hi Melody-mae,

Just catching up after my week away ...

Glasses online? Never heard of it. I'm in need of a pair, so thanks for giving us the info.

LOVE all of the outfits. I think I need to take you shopping ... but then you'd still need to come dress me everyday. :) You just have a fashion flair that I don't have.

LOVE the purple glasses. My favorite ... and oh. so. cute. on you.

I will be in prayer for your unspoken request.

And ... if you're ever looking for someone to have some girlfriend chat time with, you know how to find me. Another coffee date would be fun!

Hope you week has been BLESSED!


DeanO said... and my kid sister have the exact same taste in clothes. Heidi would kill to have those thrift store leather shoes :) Thrift Stores - a great place to find those odd one-of-a-kind deals

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

You crack me up, in a very good way!

Love your recycling ways!

Anna said...

Love, love, love all of your great finds! :)

Anonymous said...

nice post thanks for sharing... loves soraya

Kim said...

Love this post! Love the outfits! Love the glasses!!

gee said...

you are so beautiful. :)
that yellow sweater is AMAZING!
i am so jealous...such wonderful finds!!
have a wonderful weekend Melody-Mae. ;)

Rochelle's Closet said...

lovely post! you look awesome with all your outfit