Wednesday, November 2, 2011

being thankful

1 & 2
1. i do not know what i would do without a praying family
2. for friends who love & truly care

this being the second day
of november already
got me to thinking
(i know sometimes that is a scary thought!)

but, it reminds me that
this month is a thankful month
we have a holiday for it...
don't get me started on
how we have to actually be
reminded to be 'thankful'

i plan to take each day and
at the top of my post
have something i am thankful for,
the rest of the post might
be something totally random
but, i am going to add a note of thankfulness
at the top!

this post has two at the top,
because yesterday was the first day
and i didn't do it! ;)

i went to town with my girlfriend
yesterday to celebrate her birthday...
oh my, we stopped along the way
for latte's and giant cookies then
drove to a nearby town where we
went shopping then back home to
our mall for more shopping and
lunch at red robin...mmmm

i came home stuffed to the gils
but, also filled with the love
of a dear friend-
who truly loves me

to say i am thankful
is an understatement.

again, i ask for unspoken prayer-
we know that Jesus is our intercessor
and he knows the needs that are on
our hearts today, how wonderful is that?
i am thankful for family and friends who
pray for each other.



Chatty Crone said...

I'm thankful to be in America and to be able to ask and pray for our friends on our blogs!

Whitney & Devin said...

I love this post! Yes I agree its sad that we have a holiday to remind us to be thankful... I try really hard to be thankful (and express it!) everyday!

Thoughts for the day said...

give thanks... with a grateful heart.
blessings to you as you enter into the thanksgiving season.

Bethe77 said...

Beautiful psot Melody Mae!
I am delighted to be praying for yor unspoken request. God is faithful!
Sounds like you have been truly blessed with a day full of girl time shopping and latte!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Because November is a crazy busy month at school, I am listing my thanks each day as a facebook status instead of committing to post them on my blog.

You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

We don't celebrate thanksgiving here in Australia but I think it is a great attitude to have, generally.
Your lovely post has got me thinking of things I am thankful for!

shah wharton said...

I'm thankful so much all of the time at this stage of my life. I spent the first half in quite a different frame of mind entirely. My life changed when I met my husband. Everything began to fit. I'm so thankful for him. X

Heart n Soul said...

Love that you have a whole month to be thankful.... we do have so much to be thankful for.

jen said...

It will be nice to see those things your grateful for as you reveal them this month. Wonderful idea Melodymea!

Shawn said...

Great post my Dear Friend, you are in my prayers!
I want a shopping day with you..especially to the trift store! LOL.

Have a great Day,

Thisisme. said...

That time spent with your girlfriend certainly was a blessing. In my prayers, I always say "thank you for the gift of friendship." What a good idea to start off each post this month with something that you are thankful idea. Brilliant idea!

Katherines Corner said...

a beautiful post. God Bless Big Hugs ♥