Monday, May 22, 2017

I add essential oils to my water!

I add Young Living Essential Oils
to my water daily.
I cannot tell you the safety of other companies
but, I do know that Young Living Essential Oils
are safe to ingest!
In fact, they have a whole line of Vitality Oils!!

Every morning I grab my glass pitcher
and I add a few drops of oils to the bottom
then fill it with water.
I refill my glass water bottle all day long.
The goal for me is to finish off the pitcher
before bed!

I am loving the added flavor of essential oils
in my water so much, that I am consuming
WAY MORE WATER on a daily basis
and we all know how good that is for our bodies.

Today, to my pitcher I added
Young Living's Slique Essence.
It has grapefruit, lemon, tangerine, spearmint and ocotea.
Slique Essence helps with maintaining a healthy weight
and I don't know about you but, that is something I need
in my life!

I love to get up in the morning and add
Slique Essence and I usually add a drop or two
of another YL oil.
My favorite is to add peppermint because it is so

I would love to help you get your hands on Young Living Oils!

Our  home uses them and I am blown away by their
safety, purity and overall effectiveness.
If I can answer any questions you may have,
please leave a comment or shoot me an email
by clicking HERE!


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