Sunday, December 7, 2014

six years?

where in the world 
did the time go?

i remember the day
so very clearly.

my first grandson
was born six years ago
and celebrated his birthday

i clearly remember
waiting in the waiting room
to hear the news 
that my grandson 
had arrived.
it wound up being 
an emergency c-section
and the little guy 
was only a little 4 pound 12 oz 
itty bitty peanut.

six years later
you would never
that my grandson
sweet, handsome, loving, intelligent, kind and
started out so tiny!

happy birthday to my
 sweet jack!
your granny loves you 
so very much!!!!

other sweet moments this week:
visiting my mom in law in the health care center.
she had just had her hair freshly done
and i told her she looked beautiful
and could i take a picture with her?

and then last but not least:
i did another 5k.

this one was an ugly sweater 5k in seattle
i ran it with some of my very dearest
friends from high school.
that was a VERY long time ago.
some of us
 have been friends since we were
in elementary school!

we call ourselves the YAYAs
i love them and their friendship!

before the race.

and after the 5k!

have a blessed week
may you always find
something in your week that you can treasure
there are sweet moments in each and every day!

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Linda said...

You have been a busy lady! Loved seeing your precious grandson!!

dandelionfleur said...

Even if time goes quickly, you seem to fill life with the things good memories are made of. Can we really hope to do better than that?

Anna said...

That 5k sounds fun! I hope you grandson had a great bday! :)