Saturday, November 29, 2014

blessings and more


a beautifully quiet afternnoon
spent with our loved ones
visiting and eating 
far too much wonderful food!

we have more than enough blessings
to last a lifetime!

we came home after
visting and eating...
rested for a few hours
and then my husband and i
met our eldest daughter
in town
and we shopped!

oh yes, we did.

we met at approx eleven pm
and we stayed up all night long!
we did not arrive home
until 10 am friday!

we had a lot of fun.
of course we were a bit giddy
from lack of sleep
and too much coffee! :)

memories were made
and i wouldn't trade them
for the world!


sweet moments that i treasured this past week:

receiving text messages from all three of my daughters

giggles with my grandson and his gramps

packaging up birthday gifts for my grandson
 to send to austria...and knowing how excited he will be to receive them!

spending time with family over the holiday

warm fires in the evenings

skyping with family overseas

hearing the wind blowing my windchime and the music it makes

getting out the christmas decorations!!

cinnamon spice tea

twinkle lights going up in my home

scarves, boots and beanie hats

fleece jammie pants. 
every single day.
 fleece jammie pants!

staying up all night long- shopping and laughing

my husband

a warm and lovely place to call home


 love & acceptance.


may you have a wonderful week my friends.
and may i leave you with these final thoughts:

will you?
just share your smile.

this time of year
in the hustle and bustle
it is SO easy to get caught up in it all.
to forget about the people around us.

we can not pretend to know what others 
are going through
and especially during this time of year.

there are
people hurting.
people who are lonely.
people missing loved ones.

not everyone is happy and joyful
that the holidays are upon us!

there is pain, heartache
mixed in with all
 the cheer
this holiday brings.

so, will you join me?
will you shine your light this week?

all it takes is
just a smile...

one of
unique and special smiles...

shine it.

shine it to the:
mail carriers
retail workers
health care workers
family members
people at church
someone in line at the grocery store

people whose lives you 
touch on a daily or weekly basis...

because my dear friends
we never know what our smile
can mean
to someone.

maybe that simple act
of shining a smile
will be the 
bright and shining light
they see
all week long.

come on
join me
will you?

let's shine!


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Sweet Tea said...

I loved this post!

dandelionfleur said...

Yay You! And your smiling, uplifting ways!