Sunday, December 14, 2014

finding sweetness

last weekend started out wonderful.

i met with a bunch of high school friends
(old friends Ha!)
we did an ugly sweater 5k in seattle.

it was so much fun, we laughed until we cried.
what a journey we have had through all these years.
we have all had good and bad and our friendship remains
stronger than ever.

i am so very thankful for these ladies and for their

a few pictures from the ugly sweater 5k. 12/6/14

i also did a jingle bell 5k with my eldest daughter this past saturday, 12/13/14
to benefit arthritis.
we had a great time. 

they had a great turn out with many from our community who came to run.

we wore antlers and red and white striped knee high socks. :) which made the 5k
all the more fun!

but, the biggest and most blessed thing that happend this week...
i am changed forever because of it.

i mean a giant sweet moment indeed. one i will never forget:
you see, i live in the community that  i went to school in.
so consequently there are many 'old' classmates still around this area.

last friday, i was contacted by an upperclassman of mine from high school.
she wanted to know if i would co-chair with her a project. a simple competition
between her classmates and mine. to give back to our community!

i contacted the district office at the high school and found out that
the school district had a giving tree!

we sponsored that tree and with some fun competition between the
two classes we have fullfilled the WHOLE giving tree. over 35 gifts!

when i found out that twin girls were wearing shoes with duct tape
and then that two of my classmates stepped up to buy these
girls some new boots, well....
i was over-come with emotion.
no other words. just tears of thankfullness.
i could not stop the tears from flowing.

what these two classees accomplished in one short week
is unbelievable.

there are children who are going to have a wonderful christmas!
their wishes are going to come true.

but, when all is said and done,
i am the one who was really, truly

this is a christmas
i will never forget!
the loving and giving of a community.
how team work came together and got it done.

my friend said, her heart felt like the grinches at the end of the book/film,
when his heart grows three times bigger.
i agree. totally.

these were sweet moments indeed.

i am thankful.
i am blessed.

may you find something good
something beautiful in
each and every day.

i challenge you to take the time
to find something lovely.
even in the smallest of things.

there is SOMETHING good about each day.

take the time to be still and know.

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