Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the day before

i am thankful.

so many blessings
in my life.
more than enough
to last a lifetime
i am grateful.
for them all.

i sit today....
the day before
and think of the
families that are getting their 
homes ready;
cooking and cleaning
 and so much
 excitement filling the air!

some families will be
reunited with loved ones
they haven't seen all year!
some will be hosting small
intimate gatherings
with their closest of friends...

but, let us not forget the families
who will be missing loved ones.

empty places at the table.

who have loved ones
 who are gone
and those who have family
that live far away...

for a hole is there.
laughter is missing.
the emptiness is real.

many families
with an ache
this time of year

i pray for them.

these families
who are missing someone
this thanksgiving.

i lift you up
as i remember
 my own family
who live so far away...

and also families
 whom have family members
celebrating thanksgiving in the
presence of our heavenly

be upon you all
this year.

there is much to be thankful for.

even in the smallest of moments
there is beauty and wonder.

yes, indeed.

may your home be filled with love
this thankgiving.