Friday, November 21, 2014

it's the little things.

life like time
is changing fast.
looking forward to tomorrow
while not forgetting the past.

life like time
just keeps on turning.
accomplishments and failures
turned into learning.

life like time
the big and small.
each day, month and year
i am grateful for them all!

melody-mae. 2014

some sweet moments:

my husband, daughter and grandson visiting my mom in law
in the care center.

receiving pictures of my sweet new grandson
who lives overseas.

drinking coffee by the fire
while it rains outside.

a morning walk.

signing up to run an ugly sweater 5k 
with 5 of my most sweetest 
and long time friends!

my view of beautiful Mt. Baker

it starts to look and feel like the holidays
once the satsumas come out!
we eat them like candy around here. :)

a few moments of my past week
caught on film.
the big and small.
yes, i am so very thankful
for them all!!

i am linking up to  SWEET SATURDAYS!!
will you join us?
link up a photo or some sweet moments
that you recognized this week.
the big or the small.
they are all lovely!

link up here: SWEET SATURDAYS!!


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Anonymous said...

Ugly Sweater Run!? AWESOME!!!