Thursday, October 9, 2014

savor. sweet. moments.

as i thought about what to share for my first Sweet Saturdays post---
i began by remembering some of the big & the small moments of this week.

any of my long time blog friends and readers know,
my mantra for years now has been:
to try to notice something beautiful...
i mean at least one thing lovely in each day!
this week was really no different than any other,
except i tried to take note of those moments-
so i could share some of them here, on the blog!

i truly believe that there is something in every single day
that we can see, that is beautiful. tender. sweet.

it isn't always the BIG things, (like me getting my new iphone 6!)
although it is super fun and i love my new phone!
it isn't always those things.

*it can be looking up from the table at the local coffee shop and seeing
your husband watching and smiling at you, as you read your book. :)

*the morning sun, shining through the window
leaving lovely shadows on the carpet.

*skyping and being able to talk and read with my grandson who lives overseas.

*getting hugs from another grandson who comes to play on our dairy-farm.

*i see on my daily walks---green fields being mowed, corn harvested,
beautiful flowers in one yard and orange pumpkins in another.

*a neighbor waving as i walk by their home.

*birds flying above me.

*the grocery checker who smiled.

*text messages from our daughter who is married and lives in a different state.

*watching television in the evening with a BIG bowl of popcorn in my lap!

*the leaves on the trees turning such vibrant colors. ahh, fall. i love you.

*a visit with my mother-in-law who has dementia,
leaving her a book to read and seeing her face light up,
just because i stopped by.

* looking up and seeing the full moon shining in the evening sky.

yes, beautiful things are there for us each & every day!
sometimes we are so busy, that we let those little things go unoticed...
but, they are there my friends!
something good and something lovely, if we only take the time to look.

i hope in this coming week, that you can see something sweet.
maybe something that makes you smile?

it's the little things that really matter because,
they add up over the course of time!

my prayer is that you my friend, will join me---
in taking the time to stop & savor!
to be still & know!

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Anonymous said...

Love it! ❤

Debbie Dillon said...

Such a beautiful, sweet post. Love it :) Thanks for sharing!

dandelionfleur said...

So true!!! One silver lining in our son-in-law having MS has turned out to be that the pace of our lives have slowed way down, and we are noticing and enjoying a multitude of the little things.