Friday, October 17, 2014


the power of a simple

have you ever thought about
the simple act of smiling
at someone
what it can mean to the

this week
i concentrated on offering a

in the crosswalks, the coffee shop,
 the grocery store, church,
while on my daily walks
 & to my own family! 

the simple act
 of turning UP the sides of your mouth
i believe,
can actually have
 an impact!

we never know
what kind of day
someone may have had
and that simple smile
could really lift their spirits!

i try to look at things with the glass-half full.

it is just easier for me to do.
to not dwell.

i do NOT like to dwell on the ugly---
i just don't.

so i try to see the good.
the good 
in the small things.
the good
in the little things.
the good
in the simple things.

most days it is pretty easy
for me to see at least
 a little something
that is

to savor 
 sweet moments--

soaking in the 
simple little things
that make me happy-

 to just disregard the uglies!

it is how i get through the day;
really it is!!
now,  let's be honest,
some days
when the world seems 
dark & the uglies
feel so BIG 

well, let's be honest
it is a lot harder to do!

but, i try to remember to
look around me.

to see the beauty
that i know
is in every single day!

and. i. smile.

so how about it friends.

did you share a simple
smile with anyone?

did you notice
something sweet
as you went about your day?

did you take time
to soak in a sweet moment?

did you laugh?
share a kind word?

maybe it was something small
something simple 
that made 
you stop and smile.

as for me?

here are a few of my sweet moments
this past week:

salted caramel mochas. (with whip!)
completing a super-hero 5k. (costume and all)
 scarf weather!
colorful pumpkins in my yard.
coffee dates.
dinner dates.
worship music.
scented candles.
starting a new book.
a warm fireplace.
 smiles shared
for daughters and son in laws who are 
raising their children to know & love Jesus!

i. am. grateful.

there are reasons to smile.

sweet moments,


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Anonymous said...

Do you think you could mail me a salted caramel mocha? ;) If it makes it easier, I don't need the whip.

Nonnie said...

Smiling just feels good and I love smiling because people will smile back.