Saturday, May 3, 2014

spring is in the air

spring is in the air
all you need to do is
sit and listen---

birds sing
the wind blows gently
and mr. sun warms the skin
ever so nicely

flowers bloom
trees blossom
bees buzz
butterflies float---

laughter rings out 
from children
playing in their yards-
racing through sprinklers
playing catch
and enjoying
the fresh air

the morning
brings a fresh scent 
from the evening's 
gentle rain...
as the sun glints off the
still snow-covered
mountain tops.

such a lovely time of year-
spring is in the air!

everywhere you go-
it is there to

on my porch swing
i watch and i listen
 the world
go by;

soaking it in...

it is good
and i want to treasure it!

to enjoy 
each and every 
spring time---


1 comment:

Linda said...

I do so love the spring!!! If it weren't for this terrible bout of allergies I would be sitting outside right now! A mockingbird built her nest on our porch and I have been sneaking out to take a peek from time to mockingbirds do NOT make sweet bird noises - but they WILL!!