Tuesday, May 6, 2014

smile therapy?

anyone who has 
read this blog for any amount of time 
at all;
knows what i think about

i have quoted AND quoted
about smiling.

from mother teresa
buddy the elf...

at church
these last few weeks,
 we have been
in a series
which is focusing on
negative vs positive.

this past sunday
as i was taking notes,
our pastor shared
about focusing on positive thoughts---
something he called:
smile therapy. :)

the challenge:

smile for 30 minutes
your brain picks up on it
and it pumps
 positive, happy thoughts
into you!

what if whatever we thought on
was good?
what if we thought ONLY
on the good and the positive?

we can make that choice!
we can choose!

i choose positive thoughts-
i choose joy-
i choose happiness-
i choose to smile-

have a lovely week
my friends.
you know it is coming...

let's SMILE!



Thoughts for the day said...

awesome thoughts. thanks

Anna said...

Very true!

Negative thoughts can try and creep in, and it definitely take more effort to be positive...BUT it's totally worth it!