Monday, May 19, 2014

memories. thankful. blessings.

it's the little things
in life.

the small moments
that turn into
big memories.

those are the times
to cling on to;
when the going gets
and we know it will.

those memories
are the things
to remember and hold on to.

my family now is grown.
they have all moved away
from the family home.
which is of course
just the way it should be...

it is the normal thing to do.

raise your family up
to be responsible, loving adults
who leave the nest.

i get that.
it is what us as parents, do.
we nurture. love. and then

we let them go.

all three of our girls
have married & moved away---
two of our 'birdies' have not only
left the nest,
but have flown
far away.

sometimes the melancholy
from missing them
kind of gets a bit overwhelming
but, i know in my heart this is
what they needed
to do, for NOW.

& i choose joy.
joy in their happiness.
joy in our family.
joy in the midst
of it all.

i know, and they know---
that the love of our family
holds us together
no matter the distance.

so, i cling to the memories
that i have.

we have so, so many GREAT ones!!
it is easy to do. :)

i love my family
more than words or pictures
could ever tell
and i am:

life on this earth
is good!

i am ever so

yes, beyond measure!

not only are they
my blessings
here on this earth
but, forever i will be
with my family
with HIM
as well.

happy monday.

here are few
of my many blessings on
this earth.



Linda said...

Beautiful post!!

Say What? said...

Oh, Perfect Timing. My oldest is 19 today and I'm having a bittersweet moment. Not sure I'm prepared for the things coming way too soon, but I also will find the joy. Thank You.

dandelionfleur said...

For "now" is right--more beautiful memories are just around the corner. Love the pictures--you have a lovely family.