Thursday, May 29, 2014

my first review

i have never professed to be a review blogger
but, when the opportunity presented itself,
i thought, "why not?"

so, i received no compensation
only the product itself to try:

painmaster micro current therapy

i was intrigued because i suffer from
a lot of pain in my muscles in
the upper shoulder area.

i put on the set of patches
as instructed and let it go to work.

i did not feel anything right away
but, a few hours later
i kind of forgot the patches
were even on and thought to myself,
"i feel better!"

a full disclosure:
it recommends leaving them on
for four days and i was flying on an
airplane and so i only left them on
for two days.
( i didn't want to set off alarms with airport security!)

during those two days, the pain
resided and i did feel better!

here is some info from their website
in case you want to trying micro therapy:

Uses gentle, pain free microamps
Relieves pain
Scientifically shown to be effective
Involves placing patches either side of treatment area
No discomfort (i could not feel the current)
Below sensory threshold - causes no tingling or throbbing
$49.95 (plus $4.95 S&P)

my readers receive a discount code=  10off is the discount code

You can use the Miro Therapy Pro MCT Device for
Shoulder Pain
Neck and Back pan
Lower Back Pain
Elbow Pain
Knee Pain
Ankle Pain
Foot Pain
Muscle Pain

Whats Included
One circuit (connectiong cable with built in battery for up to 300 hours of use
User instructions
One Set Of Patches

. Safe, effective, drug free pain relief
. Comfortable pain free relief can be used while you sleep
. Easy application, takes just a few seconds to clip and un clip
. Conveniently goes everywhere you go, for day after day effective treatment.
Can be used durnig sports and exercise
Unique and clinically tested breakthrough in pain relief
. Placed on either side of painful area, the mild micro current safely and gently stimulates the sore muscles to bring relief
Patch can be removed and reapplied
Lightweight and discreet.  Can be worn under the lightest of clothing
. For best results, the the therapy should be used continuously for 4 days
Can use more than one Micro Therapy Pro unit at a time.

i had a lot of fun doing this review and
look forward to more in the future. 
it was fun!

(i promise this won't become one of THOSE
kind of blogs, though!) ;)

have a great rest of the week my friends!!

i am off to have lunch with my sister in law
and a quick walk!



Robyn Burke said...

interesting. I used a product similar to this several years ago when I first got the fibromyalgia diagnosis. it helped a little bit... but not enough for me to fork over the cost of the machine. (it was around $300) I could feel the current though. that was kind of freaky, lol. But like I said, this was not this machine. Just very similar. How fun to do reviews. Good luck!

Melody Olson said...

Thanks Robyn! Yes, it was a lot of fun to do the review!