Wednesday, January 8, 2014

wedding photo overload!

for those who are interested in the wedding snapshots i took
you are about to be bombarded!
for those who are not interested in seeing photos...
sorry, come back and visit here another time! Ha.

we traveled from north of Seattle, WA
all the way to Chico, CA.
we rented a big van
and eight of us traveled down to CA
and ten of us came back (we took the bride and groom home with us!)

mt. shasta
how beautiful.

the bride 
visiting in our hotel lobby with her sisters and cousin.

we decorated the reception hall
and moved white chairs into the church too.

the bride and groom
a bubble send off from church.

my two grandsons
who held signs down the aisle
forever starts today
and here comes the bride!
the reception
the forefront is my 
sister in law and brother in law
who drove from Portland, OR 
to see their niece get married!
what an amazing help these two were!!!

behind them are my mom and step dad
who flew from WA to see their granddaughter get married!

my niece which is also my daughter's cousin...
came all the way from Seattle, WA
she did the hair, flowers and was an all around HELP!

she also gave a speech for my daughter
which made my daughter tear up. ;)

first dance.

my hubbie and i
celebrating that we have all three daughters 

my two daughters and one of my son in laws
doing the 'twist' :)

the light show from the dj!

on our way home from CA
we had a fifteen passenger van
for the ten of us.
we were on the road for
thirteen hours
with a 5 year and 3 year old boy!

we made it
 and actually still love each other! 

my husband and i
hosted a 
dessert reception 
at our church here in WA
for the family who
did not attend in CA.

the couple with my mom

the couple with her cousin from AZ.

my daughter and new son in law.

the Romos 



thisisme said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us today! What lovely memories you made, and your family certainly travelled from far and wide to be at the nuptuals!Your daughter's dress was beautiful, and I'm glad that you all had such a happy and memorable day.

Anna said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love her dress! Just lovely!