Wednesday, January 15, 2014

our visit

so as many of you know
our daughter, son in law and grandson
were here from vienna, austria
for a short visit over the holidays.

they were with us
as we traveled to california
for our youngest daughter's wedding.

my husband and i
brought them back to the airport
10 days ago.

what a sad day
it was...
my grandson woke that morning
knowing full well he was leaving;
his parents had been packing
the day before
and he knew.

i was sitting on the couch
and he woke up
and quietly walked up and
crawled in my lap to snuggle.
he then said, he wanted to go
out on the porch and ride the horse swing...
so, we bundled up and outside we went.
he rode the swing, rode his bike
and wanted to color.
we crammed it all in

after that we had to load up my car,
and drive the 2.5 hours to the airport.

we snuggled in the back,
him sandwiched between
my husband and i-
while his parents drove up front.
we played games and tried
not to dwell on the inevitable

my daughter suggested that
they get dropped off
in front of the airport
instead of us walking them in.
so we did.

my husband and i
are still trying to get
the image of our grandson
in those last minutes out of our head.

you see, he was holding his mom's hand
and began to cry.
we hugged him and i said we would skype soon.
he still sniffled and as he walked away
he kept looking back...
waving and blowing kisses
with the saddest eyes i have ever seen.

yes, it was hard.

i am so thankful that we were
able to spend the time with them,
that they were able to spend Christmas
with the rest of the family
and travel with us to the wedding...
but, i tell you what-
the hello was a whole lot easier than
the goodbye.

this is the life of
a missionary family
and those that love them.

my husband and i
with our two precious grandsons
after watching a matinee. 

i am thankful
yes, so very
we had this time together!



thisisme said...

This latter part of this post made me feel very sad. Goodbyes are always so hard, aren't they, especially when little ones are involved. Bless his little heart, and bless yours also. Try to hang on to the happy memories whilst you were all together again. Hugs.

Thoughts for the day said...

That made me cry too. so sad, we hold our babies close to our hearts and we tenderly let them go as we must. praying for you.

Robyn Burke said...

"half my heart lives someplace else"

dandelionfleur said...

That kind of sadness is some of the most beautiful sadness of the world.

Anna said...

Aww! So sweet! I know that had to be so hard.