Sunday, December 29, 2013

counting down.

wedding bells will be
ringing very soon.
i can almost here them

we will be leaving
in the morning at 4am.
eight of us
packed inside a fifteen passenger van.

we will be heading down to california
to be there for our baby girl's wedding
on 1.1.14

our last daughter
to be married.

the van will have
two boys ages three and five.

we are all excited
but, a bit crazy right now.

praying for traveling mercies
and for every one to get along
on the long road trip.

i will be posting pictures
when i get home

but, most likely will
be adding a few on
instagram (melodymaeolson)
if you follow me there...
you might get some sneak peaks! LOL

until after the wedding.




Sweet Tea said...

Hope all goes well on and in the Fun Wagon. Can't wait for the photos!!

thisisme said...

Hope you have had a safe trip and I wish your daughter and her new hubby many congratulations, and a long and happy life ahead. What an exciting day it will be for you all. I'm excited for you!

dandelionfleur said...

May joy reign supreme over your next few days!

Anna said...

I hope she had a beautiful day! I enjoy seeing your Instagram updates. ;)