Monday, September 30, 2013

we did it!

the bellingham bay marathon
is now under our belt!!

i did this with my husband, our best friend,
his daughter, her husband
and one of her friends
we did it!
we made it!
we finished the race!

we walked in the rain;
(yes, remember i live in the PNW)
they were predicting a rain AND windstorm
but, we missed it.
we still had rain, mostly a light sprinkle
and some wind
but, nothing that made it miserable!

we had over 5500 people participate.
i broke my record even though i was
only trying to complete a half marathon
it was my fastest long distance walk,
according to my runkeeper app! :)

we did it!
now we
can chalk that off
our personal bucket list! ha.

i am not sore at all today
although a bit tired.
today i will take the day to
mend muscles and sit by the fire :)

enjoy your monday!
it is the beginning of a new week.
a fresh start.
a new chance at something wonderful!

smile. shine. see beauty!

we picked up our bib numbers and shirts the day before.

we parked and walked to the starting line.
excited and ready to go!

two grandpa's and one granny. :)

my hubbie and our best friend!
we have been best friends with him (and his wife)
for 23 years!

the 'team'
we met up with 
our friends daughter, son in law and her friend

yes, it was raining as we waited
to get started.

13+ miles later;
we are still able to smile! :)

our medals for completing the course!

screen shot of my 
runkeepers app!
i love how on the bottom it says:
your best time!



Anna said...

Congrats, that's wonderful! Happy Monday! :)

Susan Kane said...

Oh, how wonderful that must have felt. Congratulations.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Yea! Congrats! Yesterday's weather was CRAZY for the marathon!

Can't wait to hear all about it!


:) :) :)

Angel Allen said...

Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your joy at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
Sew Crafty Angel

Also a new Bloglovin follower