Thursday, October 3, 2013


happy thursday!

what have i been wearing?

lots of work out clothes!

but, when i am not walking....
i wear:

what are you wearing?



Laura Railing said...

*right* this second, workout clothes. Otherwise cute colorful layers. And my new brown boots that I love. So glad I was able to get a nice pair finally! ($70 off too!!)

Mama Ds Dozen said...

You're so cute! :)

Love my fur lined comfy boots that have been packed away for 6 months. So fun to pull out the Fall clothes.

:) :) :)

Susan Kane said...

Love the boots.

At present I am wearing an ankle brace (a break that healed poorly) and a knee brace (as a result of the broken ankle,) I am the epitome of pathetic.

Amy Bramer said...

i am wearing t-shirts and yoga pants far too often. thanks for the inspiration, i seriously need it. i LOVE that yellow hat! where is it from?

Melody Olson said...

Thank you Amy! I got the hat last year at Charlotte Russe. I just went there this past weekend and bought a grey one and really sweet sage green one though!