Friday, September 6, 2013


i entered a mugswap
this year and had so much fun!

first i found out whose name i
had received and a little bit
about her and her likes. :)
i also told the organizer what
i liked and a little bit about me
for the person who would be
sending me a mug.

then it was off to shop for
my pal: Jan
she likes colorful, bright and cheery...
so off to pier 1 i went.
i picked a bright, fun yellow mug with flowers
and off it went to her home.

then i waited patiently for
my mug to come
and to see what they would
pick out for me. :)

it was perfect.
my whole blog theme
is always about life;
how to look for the good
be thankful.
and see beauty each day.

well here is what she picked out
for me:

it says:
Make a life worth loving.

how perfect is that???
thank you Aubrey.
i love my mug!

i loved doing this exchange
and look forward to doing it

thank you kim
for the organizing you did!

ps. after i sent my mug
to jan, i got the sweetest note
and we follow each other on instagram
and i have a new found friend,
all because of the swap! :)



Anna said...

Sounds fun! That is a beautiful mug! :)

Be sure to come by my blog and link up this weekend for the fun blog hop I'm hosting. :)

{cuppakim} said...

loving the mug with a message. :)

and if you made a new friend through the swap, then my work here is done! mission accomplished :)