Saturday, September 7, 2013

joining in a hop today. :)

It's a HOP

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  •  {and this isn’t a rule} but we’d love to know more about you, so if you’d like, please feel free to answer the questions below in your own blog post.  
  • grab the button and join in the fun!

  •  Would you be interested in enjoying a monthly At The Hop including swaps and other fun link ups? (Sharing my answers in green) Yes! I think it would be fun!
  • Any great 50s related swap theme ideas? I agree with Anna, a recipe swap of some kind would be fun?
  • Tell us about your blog. How did you choose your name? I went with my first and middle name. :)
  • What song selection would you make from the jukebox? For a 50's theme? I would most likely pick Elvis or Frank Sinatra. 
  • What 50′s tv mom would you want to have as your own? June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver! She had the BEST clothes! Always in a dress or skirt even when cleaning the house and NEVER lost her temper? How 'real' is that? HA
  • What is your favorite 50′s fashion? I totally go for the more Audrey Hepburn look than the 50's poodle skirt. I love pearls and black dresses. 
  •  What is your favorite color? Any shade of GREEN
  •  You are at a 50′s style diner. What treat do you order yourself? Greasy hamburger and fries.
  •  Which character from Grease do you most identify with? I think I connect more with Sandra Dee. I was the 'new' girl almost every year growing up struggling to fit in.
  •  If you could time travel, where would you go? What would you do? Why? I would love to go back to the 50's. The men AND the women all dressed so much classier!
  •  Although I do think there are all kinds of era's that have I think would be interesting; including going back in time to when the WEST was being discovered; coming over on wagon trail and discovering new land. I mean can you imagine seeing Old Faithful or the Pacific Ocean for the first time?


Anna said...

Thanks for linking up! :)

Great answers! I'm a big Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra fan. :)

LaLau said...

Wow, what a cute blog!

And I loved your answers to the questions! Thanks for joining in, it's great having you!

Laura Railing said...

I'll have to post my linkup with this too! Such a small world in the blog world!! I know Anna too ;-) Love your answers! It's funny because I answered poodle skirts and yet the more I think about it, I think I've kindof transitioned to more classy than fun these days, although being a mom you do what you can ;-) If you can believe it, I've never seen Grease!

Ceil said...

Hi Melody! It was fun to read your answers to these questions. I totally love the west myself. I'd go with you if we could bring some hamburgers and greasy fries with us!!

Happy Monday,