Tuesday, September 3, 2013

bucket list

i am officially signed up!

yes, our friend asked my hubbie & i
if we would be interested in
walking a half marathon
with him.

i immediately jumped at the chance!
but, let's be clear here- we are WALKING it.

still, it is a pretty big deal for me. :)

that means we will be walking thirteen miles!

i have been hitting the roads.
averaging between five and seven miles on most days :)

i am super excited to do this!
it will be my first half marathon
and something i can check off my
bucket list! :)


may you have a blessed day!
my wish for you is that you take a
few minutes each and every day-
to see some beauty around you;
because my dear friends,
it is there, if you only take the time

to look!



Debbie Dillon said...

I'm so proud of you....for many reasons! But a half marathon is pretty awesome. Good for you - what a blessing you are to so many as you see beauty in the world with your heart :)

Ceil said...

Hi Melody! Congrats on the entrance for the walk! I hope you will have good weather...no big heat!

I was able to Facetime with my daughter and granddaughter today, so I definitely saw beauty around me.


Anna said...

That's exciting!

My friend and I ran/jogged/walked our first 5k last Saturday and it was so much fun. You will love it and that is still quite a distance walking or running! :)