Friday, September 13, 2013

are you planning to take a u-haul?

are you planning to have
a u-haul behind your hearse?

i heard this the other day...
"have you ever seen a hearse going down the road
with a u-haul behind it?"

our earthly home here is just that: an earthly home!
in a blink of an eye we can be called 'home'
and the bible clearly states that this is
our temporary home and to not store treasures here on earth.

yep, i need to work on this one.

when i am called 'home' it will not make
any difference at all
if i had a beautiful home, i drove a fancy car,
if i worked harder than anyone else,
if my yard looked like it should be in a magazine,
if i had the best clothes, the latest haircut or
the most well behaved kids!

so, what will matter?

our hearts.

our hearts will matter.

did we give our heart to Jesus?

did we share our love for Him with others?

did we let our friends and family know
just how important they were to us?
did we tell them how much they meant?

did they know how much we cared?

did we share Christ with any one?

it is so easy; i know for me it is far too easy to get caught up
in these earthly trappings.

when really it is so very simple.

we cannot take it with us.

earthly things are just that...earthly.

i pray that when it is my time to go 'home'
my friends and family
will remember how i made them feel, laugh, smile & love.

i pray that there would be no doubt in any minds
how much i loved Jesus
& how much i loved my

because in the end.
i will not be taking a u-haul with me!

i want to make my days count!
to see the beauty that surrounds me.
to look up and just be thankful.

to enjoy each and every moment.

to find something good
and something lovely in each day.

i want to always remember how blessed i am.

& i want to leave here with NO regrets!



Nonnie said...

That is my prayer, too. I want those heavenly treasures that won't wear out, or rust, or fade.

dandelionfleur said...

me, too!! and it's a relief that yards won't count--mine is a wreck!

Ceil said...

Hi Melody! This is a great image for my husband, he loves to collect stuff :)

But your point is a good one. 'Seek first the kingdom of God.' And of course, that doesn't go in a UHaul!

Happy Monday :)