Wednesday, July 17, 2013

seven days

almost a year ago to the day;
my daughter, son in law and
my precious grandson
moved to austria.
it was the end of july last year.
when they drove out of our driveway
and into a brand new adventure

but, in seven days.
oh my, i can hardly believe it...
but in seven days
my husband and i will be boarding a plane
to austria!

seven days until
i see his little face

seven days until
i hear his little voice

seven days until
feel his little hand in mine

seven days until
i kiss his little forehead

seven days until
i smell the fresh air as
we play in the park together.

i am so excited
that to tell you the truth
i haven't even begun to pack
or think about getting ready
because, i cannot really
comprehend the fact,
that i am really going to see
my sweet family:
my beautiful daughter
son in law & grandson
in seven days!

oh yes,
seven days;

i cannot wait.

Lord, help me to
enjoy the precious moments
and the time spent with
my family
and not
worry about the
or how
hard it is going to be
for my husband and i
to say good-bye.

help us to both just
concentrate on the love
and fun and the time we have
while we are visiting
and not even think of
the inevitable good-bye.

seven days
cannot come fast enough!



Empty Nester said...

Amen to that! And I will be praying for a safe trip there and back! So excited that y'all are going!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

So excited for you. I was just thinking about you a few days ago, and wondering when you leave. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Have FUN!

Stay SAFE!


Laurel :)