Friday, July 12, 2013

beauty. thankful. blessed.

sunday after church
my daughter and her new fiance'
kidnapped me and took me to seattle!

we went wedding dress shopping
and believe or not
we found her dream dress!

she looked like an angel
and i told her that her fiance'
was going to cry when he sees
her walking down the aisle.
yep, she was that angelic looking.
(of course, it may be the mom talking. ahem.)

after finding her dress;
we hopped in the car
and drove to the seattle center
to show him the space needle
and ride the monorail.
we then went down to pike street market
where the first starbucks is!

we stood in line to order our coffee
listen to some cool bluegrass performers
and strolled around the open market.

the kids were here visiting
for  almost a week;
& we had a lovely visit!

they even wound up extending their trip
two days!!

pure. joy!

on early tuesday morning i was
off to the train station to bring them back.

the day before, i had a convo with the two of them
about seeing beauty every day;
how sometimes in life
it is so easy to become complacent.
with family. with our surroundings. with the people we love
with everything around us.
and how sometimes we need to see things with fresh eyes.
sometimes i see mt. baker and i have to pull over
and take a picture, and take time to just 'see' it,
because it is so beautiful and i am overwhelmed.
i shared with them also, about how one day
i was up on stage at church while having worship practice
and my husband was down getting the communion table ready
i saw him walking by, and thought:
wow. he is handsome!
i shared how i had told my husband, and it had made him feel loved and special.

on my way home from dropping them off at the train station
i looked up and saw mt. baker
and let out an sigh and a laugh
because i remembered sharing about this, with tessa & eddie
and i had taken the time to notice
the beauty!

there is beauty in our life.
sometimes it is hard to see
because of the 'clouds' that are in the way
and sometimes we just need
to take the time to notice it.
to look and see it!

may you take a moment to sit and just enjoy the beauty around you.

be blessed.


Nonnie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me. So much fun and it really is an emotional time picking out wedding dresses, don't you think? Your wisdom for them is sound. When we are young, we think we have forever.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

We were at Pike's Place on Saturday, with our out-of-state daughter and her boyfriend. We needed to show him all the sites of the Pacific NW in just 4 days. :)

We have lived in this county for 13 years, and I never get complacent about the BEAUTY of this place. I LOVE the mountains, the ocean, the corn fields and berry farms. I love to see the cows grazing. I dare say, we do live in one of the most beautiful parts of this country. Having visited 41 states, I would not wish to live any place else.

So glad your weekend was filled with JOY!

Laurel :)

Sweet Tea said...

Some days simply unfold "perfectly" - glad you had those days with your family. They are wise if they listen and really learn from you.

Kay G. said...

I only know Seattle from "Sleepless In Seattle", it looks lovely!
Beauty is all around us, everyday. We just need to SEE it!

Empty Nester said...

Birdie found her dress the first day we went out looking. I couldn't believe it! But I was quite grateful because I do hate shopping. Even for wedding dresses!