Thursday, July 18, 2013

keep looking UP

i am not sure how many of you have heard
about the young talia castellano

i had heard tidbits about her
and her youtube tutorials
over these last few months

and on tuesday she past away
from cancer.

i have watched many of her youtube videos.
she was beautiful and a talented makeup artist

but, what really had me?
her amazing and upbeat personality!

she showed so many people
what it was like to have spirit.

she just oozed happiness and spunk.

when she was interviewed on the ellen show
ellen asked her how she stayed so upbeat;
she said, "a little fishy told me, to just keep swimming" :)

watching her and listening to her
reminded me:
no matter what my problems are,
there is always someone who has it worse!

when our backs are against a wall
and it feels like we can't go on
i want to remember to:

keep swimming.
keep putting one foot in front of the other.
keep looking for something beautiful in each day.
keep smiling; even when it hurts.
keep looking UP. ^
keep on keeping on.
keep having faith.
keep having hope.
keep being happy.
keep being thankful.
keep shining my light.

because, at the end of the day;
what i want to be remembered by
isn't the money i had.
the things i owned.
the house i lived in.
the car i drove.
the clothes i wore.
the places i traveled.

what i want to be remembered by is:
my heart. my love.
how did i make others feel?
& that i chose to see beauty every day
and i kept on smiling!

i want that dash in between my birthdate and my death
to mean something. :)

so will you keep smiling, keep looking up and will you see beauty
today, with me?



Robyn Burke said...

I think we are on the same wave length today.. thank you for this beautiful post. :)

Julie Winder said...

Beautifully said. I ♥ the movie finding nemo! Such a great message. Thanks for reminding me of the most important things in life. U r very insightful. ♥ ur message
Julie (uglysofa)

Ceil said...

Hi Melody! I think I would love to remember 'keep swimming' no matter if I am doing it upstream or not!

I will join you! And I will give thanks for a life that gave you so much encouragement too.

Happy Friday,