Thursday, June 6, 2013

puget sound race for the cure

the puget sound race for the cure
was held last sunday
and my oldest daughter and i participated
in the co-ed 5k.

i have been doing this particular walk
in seattle since 1998.
i have had at least one of my three daughters
walk with me each year except the very first year;
which i walked with my sister in law.

it is always very moving for me.

i am sure you know this but,
just in case you missed it...
i am a two time breast cancer survivor

on this day, survivors all wear pink tee shirts
and it is quite an emotional experience
to be a part of a 'sea of pink'

i am more than thankful
for the many blessings in my life!

embracing each day
& trying my hardest to enjoy
each and every moment
and to see the good that is in
each day.

i am blessed beyond measure
and do not ever want to take any
of it for granted!

my daughter and i before the race.

a friend since i was ten years old
happened to be walking with her two sisters
who are both fellow bc survivors!

the 5k starts at the seattle center
underneath the space needle.

the sky was amazing that day;
it was hard not to
 looking UP!

may you too, see the blessings
that are in your life.
because they are there...if you look!

will you join me today?
will you look upon this day and see all the



Rhonda Ritenour said...

Inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. That is truly amazing to be a breast cancer survivor. Although my father passed 10 years ago from brain cancer, I have had many friends who I have known survive cancer and I am so thankful. Loved your pictures!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

What a wonderful day! SO GLAD that you can do this! I would love to participate in one of these walks/runs!

Linda said...

Good for you!!! Love that word 'Survivor!' I, too, am a cancer survivor. Not breast, though.

Nonnie said...

Good for you!!!!
Me, too. I have done the Dallas Race for the Cure and worn my pink T-shirts each time. Every year my doctor's group designs a special shirt for her group and she usually wins!