Tuesday, June 11, 2013

kindness starts with a smile?!

a simple act.

just a simple act.

it can start with something as simple
as a smile. maybe a nod or a little wave.

letting someone know
you noticed them.
that you appreciate them.
that today, they do matter.

it is so simple.
really it is.

i went to costco today.
sometimes... in fact, most times
it seems a bit of a task for me.
people waiting in lines for their free samples.
leaving carts in the middle of the aisle so that
i have to maneuver all around them.
the lines at the checkout that are all SO long.
a lot of the times, i only have a few items
and the line seems overwhelming!

but, today i needed to go.
we were out of most of our 'staples'
that we keep around the house.

so this morning when i dressed
i dressed intentionally!

i wore a special sweatshirt today.

the sweatshirt said, it starts with a smile.

and you know what?
as i was going up and down the aisles
i noticed a few people
looking at and reading my sweatshirt,
& guess what?
i met their eyes and then SMILED at them!

costco didn't seem such an
overwhelming task for me today!

when i walked across the parking lot
back to my car after shopping at michael's
and the car stopped to let me by...
i immediately shot my hand up,
waved and smiled at them!

when others feel like
you are noticing them
and that just maybe today
they are not invisible...
when you shine your smile
even for an instant,
it could make the difference
in how the rest of their day goes!

maybe since you smiled at them,
they will turn around and smile at someone too!

the world could use a bit more smiling
i think!

one of my favorite quotes is from:

Buddy the Elf -

i wonder what would happen
tomorrow if you started the day
by first smiling at yourself in the mirror,
and then went about the rest of your day
sharing that beautiful smile with
the people you meet along the way!!?
want to try?

finally i would like to share this
short video with you...
a friend posted it on facebook.
i LOVE it!!!

click on the link below to view it!
be a kindness boomerang!



Nicole said...


Nonnie said...

Those are exactly my thoughts this past week. We CAN make a difference. Good word.

Jaime said...

What a great reminder. Thank you!

Jaime at Awakenings and Reflections

Patty said...

A smile, positive thoughts, prayers...yes, we can make a difference if we try hard enough.

Thanks for the reminder!

Jean said...

That was very uplifting. Food for thought.

Anna said...

So true and Buddy the elf, is my favorite. ;)