Tuesday, June 4, 2013

happiness & joy

i have been thinking a lot lately
about attitude

in how we see life.

i have been intentionally or
maybe unintentionally called
a 'pollyanna'.
(happy or maybe i am oblivious?)

it really doesn't offend me at all.
in fact, if i have a choice
of having others think of me
as being a pessimist or an optimist

i of course choose optimist!

it is not as though i do not know
what hardships are;

i have known loss. death of my dad at a young age.
sadness. sorrow. pain. worry. insecurity. feeling alone.
i have suffered anxiety & sickness.
sickness of my closest & dearest loved ones

i have heard the words:
you have cancer. twice in my life.
i have lost all my hair on my whole body.
have had two mastectomies
& been very sick while going through chemotherapy.

i have experienced anxiety attacks from the surgery
& all the chemo.

so when i say that i
choose joy.

i mean just that!

i embrace joy.

i choose to be happy
to look at the good.
i truly believe that there has to be
something good in it all.

i do realize that there are
people who are sick and are clinically depressed
and i am not belittling this at all!
i know it is real.

what i am saying is this:
in MY life what works for ME;
is when i choose to look UP
and see the good!

to surround myself in
the beauty & wonder of life.
to take time to look for the
loveliness in even the smallest things.

to sit and be still.

to be comforted by my faith
be reassured that i am loved beyond measure.
and allow love and wonder to envelop me.

happiness & joy.

i choose it.

when others hint to me
that i am not being 'real'
and that i don't understand what they are going through
that i am only looking at the good and that life isn't always
the happiest place on earth for everyone...
to this i say:

no matter how ugly it looks
i believe that
there is hope in this day!

i choose to look at the good!

to find the joy and to
claim the hope!

i want to wallow in happiness!

when i was diagnosed with cancer
i was scared out of my mind!
there was a huge pit in my stomach
full of fear and sadness.

i had three daughters ages 15, 13 and 8.
i chose life.

i chose to get out of bed and fight cancer,
& not to let cancer win.
but, to kick it to the curb!

i refused to curl up in a ball and cry
and say, "i have cancer and might die"
i got up and put a smile on my face
and fought like a mother who wanted
to see her daughters grow into women!

i chose happiness.

it might not be what works for you.

but, do not ever say i do not know what
it feels like to be unhappy, scared or sad.

i do.

i just choose joy.

i see beauty!
all word photos today 
were found on pintrest

by the way,
this past sunday i walked
the 5k with my oldest daughter
in seattle as a two time survivor of breast cancer!

the sun was shining it was a beautiful day.

there was a sea of pink t-shirt wearing survivors

as we walked along the way,
i chose to look up!
to see the beauty in the blue sky. the space needle. the sunshine.
& the smiling faces of fellow survivors and the people
who love them.

life is lovely and i am thankful
for each and every day!



Thoughts for the day said...

SO encouraging...wow your testimony and story is amazing. So glad I have the opportunity to know you even if it is through 'blog land'.

Thoughts for the day said...

SO encouraging...wow your testimony and story is amazing. So glad I have the opportunity to know you even if it is through 'blog land'.

Carol Z said...

Shine on and (en)joy! (En)Joy is my word for 2013.

CraveCute said...

Thank you for your amazing and inspirational story! I will make sure I revisit this post when I'm feeling blue! You are so right, let's all choose joy!

Nonnie said...

And that's the only way to look at it! Choosing life, choosing joy, having a positive attitude without denying facts ... that brings healing with it too.
You have a great testimony and are a beautiful example of giving thanks and trusting the Lord with your life.

Patty said...

Life, for me, has stalled lately; so has my writing. Reading your words this morning reminded me of how well others cope during difficult times. Your words made me feel ashamed that I've even allowed myself to be pushed into an emotional corner over what I cannot control.

Thank you, once again, for your wonderful inspiration.