Friday, May 31, 2013

songs and memories

funny how a song
can conjure up memories.

i can be driving down the road,
a song will come on the radio
and memories will come flooding
over me.

good & bad the memories
are usually pretty strong.

has that ability.

to take me away.

this is why at church
when i am worshipping
the music is what brings my
heart in to complete surrender.
i am open and ready to hear His word.

has that ability.

there are a few songs
that are just so lovely
that when i hear them
i have to stop what i am doing
and just
sigh & smile
at the beauty
and the warm feeling
that comes over me.

two of the songs
right off the top of my head?

via: pintrest
i started singing this
little song to my
grandson when he was quite small.
when i think of a song to sing to him,
this is what i always think of!

he brings me sunshine!

the other day my daughter
posted on facebook a video
my 4 year old grandson singing this song!

it made me smile!
such joy.
what a memory to hold on to!

photo by: melody-mae

i went shopping the other day
this sign was in a gift shop.
i hurried and snapped a photo
before the lady could tell me not to! :)

this song;
what can i say?
when i hear this song
a warm feeling washes over me.

it is such a perfect song.

the song evokes
the kind of attitude

that. i. strive. for. every. day!

yes, the song sums it up for me:

and i think to myself what a wonderful world!!!

have a lovely friday my friends~
& be blessed.



thisisme said...

It is indeed a wonderful world my friend, and how special that you got to see a video of your little grandson singing it for you :) It's the moments like that that are so very special. You Are My Sunshine is also a good one. As I love books, I also love music, and can't imagine either one not being in my life. The world would be a poorer place, that's for sure!

Linda said...

Songs bring back memories! I love Mac Davis 'You Gotta STOP and SMELL the roses!' John Denver, so many good memories.
GRANDS are the BEST, aren't they??

Nonnie said...

So many songs. So many memories. And now I am transported back to my own memory of that song.

Anna said...

That is so true!

You are my sunshine is also Declan and I's song. :)