Tuesday, May 28, 2013


i sit here
this rainy day
 in the 
pacific northwest
and i am thankful.

rain and wind
slap at my windows
while i sit
all warm and cozy
in front of a fireplace.

a book and a mug of coffee
at the ready.

i woke to a skype call
from vienna, austria
with my grandson;
he asked if i would
read to him.
(we are currently reading a chapter book together)

so far, this is what my tuesday
looks like.
i. am. thankful!

life. is. lovely.

so many blessings
in my life.
sometimes it is hard
to sit and just 
treasure them all.

there is beauty 
in every single day.
but, the trick is
we need to take the time
to see it!

to see the 
good that is in 
each and every day.

because my dear friends 
the beauty is there.

we just need to take
time out of the busyness
of the day
be still & know.

to have an attitude of gratitude.

today is a gift.
and i plan to
enjoy it 
and be thankful
for it all!

and you?
what are you thankful for today?

will you join me
in being thankful
the blessings that can be found

will you
smile at someone today?
maybe the person in the grocery store...
we never know what our smile
may mean to them!
we do not know what they are going through
and YOUR smile
could be the only 
sunshine they see

let us be
blessing today!



Sweet Tea said...

What a lovely way to begin your day...I am quite rushed these days, but I am thankful for each moment, though I long for a bit more "savoring" time.

thisisme said...

Wonderful post today Melody. I love it when you write like this. You are so good with words and really bring things to life. How lovely that you are reading a book with your little grandson in Vienna. Thank goodness for all this modern technology my friend! Take care and keep shiny! You are so right, we have SO much to be thankful for, and so many blessings in our lives. I thank the Lord every single day.