Wednesday, March 13, 2013


what i wore wednesday!

for the record
i am not a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl;

at home i am almost always in
yoga pants or leggings with a long tunic
if i go anywhere
if i leave the house
even just to the grocery store...
you will find me in a skirt or dress
tights or leggings and boots!
i have had family/friends ask me
why i always dress up so much
and to tell you the truth
i don't think it is dressing up! ha
dresses with tights or skirts and leggings
are FAR more comfy to me than jeans!

so here are a few of my outfits from
this past week.

and for the record;
i do not proclaim to be
in anyway, shape or form
a fashion blogger. ha

cowboy boots, leggings, dress and a hoodie?
perfect for a movie and coffee with the hubs

dress, tights and boots for church.

after coffee date with with a friend...
i went for a walk in the sunshine! 
(i was wearing leggings, a sweater dress and converse!)

so tell me
do you feel more comfortable in
your yoga pants, leggings, jeans or skirts?



Bethe77 said...

Very cute and fashionable.
Love your choice in clothing.
I dont mind jeans. But I do like comfortable is my choice. So I would say a sun dress and sandals for me. Unfortunately you cannt wear them year round.

Laurel Diacogiannis said...

I also "dress up" more than any of my friends. For me, though, I do wear jeans, but always with a nice shirt, sweater, denim jacket, scarf, etc . . . My jeans are always worn with boots or clogs.

I am not at all a tennis shoes, sweat pants, or t-shirt type of gal (unless I am actually participating in an athletic activity). :) I don't even wear sweat pants/yoga pants or t-shirts around the house. Zip up hoodies is the closest I get to "laid back casual".

I am VERY excited to switch up my wardrobe when I lose the rest of my weight, though. I want to wear more skirts and leggings, but that style just wasn't very pretty for someone 100 pounds overweight. :) Can't wait to take you shopping with me.


Brittany Kyte said...

I really adore both of these outfits and think they look fantastic on you!

Melodee said...

you are darling!! love the outfits!

Lucia K Jewelry said...

love the floral dress. and boots leggings dresses are top of my fave looks. great style.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

My favorite it the black dress/cardie for church. SO cute!!! I love to wear dresses and cardies!