Monday, March 11, 2013

simply smile

in the silence
in the stillness
of the morning
i sit;
coffee in hand
with the beginning of
a new day, a new week
stretched out before me.

the to-do list is long
and still i sit;
contemplating on
how i can make a difference
this week.

if i can make a difference to
just one person.

somewhere right now
someone is;
waiting. hoping. wondering.

they wonder;
will someone notice?
will anyone show them they care,
that they even matter at all?

a simple act of kindness

opening a door for the person
who has their hands full.
letting the person go ahead
of you in line, because
they have just a few items.
maybe a quick note to tell someone you care.

a simple smile.
it doesn't cost you a dime
but, the small act
can mean a million.
in an instant your sweet smile
can light up their life.
maybe they have been sitting in darkness
waiting for someone
to notice.
to care.
to just smile.

look into their eyes
let them see you 'shine' your light.
listen with your heart
and the rest will follow.

will you join me?
be the change this week?



Thoughts for the day said...

Great challenge, Love the idea. Thanks.

Nicole said...


Jen said...

Such a sweet Spirit you have! Reminds me of that famous quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

We are only 1, but we CAN make a difference. Thanks for that wonderful reminder!

thisisme said...

Wonderful post my friend. You are so right, it it those small, simple things that really can make such a difference. We should all try to live like that :)