Tuesday, March 19, 2013

st. paddy's day partay

i am not sure when it started actually;

but, my brother started throwing
st. patrick's day parties
making corned beef, potatoes and cabbage
for his daughters.

he was a single dad and i believe
he wanted to make special memories
for his two daughters
when they were quite young.

 and so it began.
years and years of parties...:)

this past sunday my husband
along with 22 other guests showed
up at my brother's fiance's place

for their second annual party.
they have been together two years now. :)

we were suppose to wear green of course.
so i had a bit o' fun.

the food was amazing and the fellowship
was great too!
my brother and his fiance'
we will be heading to vegas in a few
weeks to witness their vows.

cannot wait!

my brother and his youngest daughter. 
oh, how i love this girl.

this is just part of the gang!

and finally my future sister lives on ten acres
and has lots of barns and out buildings
which of course my hubs being a farmer
wanted to have a look.

so my brother gave us the tour
and what did i see?
high in the rafters
this adorable barn owl! :)

have a lovely tuesday
and may you find blessings
in each and every day
because they are there...
if you only take the time to 



Debbie Huffaker said...

I haven't visited you in quite some time. So glad I stopped by to see the owlie!!! You know me and my love of all things owlie!! HOPE you have a great day!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Sounds like it was a fun party.


Nicole @ Pencil Skirts and Noodle Necklaces said...

Sounds like such a fun bash!! What an awesome thing to see the owl!! Thanks for stopping by today!