Friday, March 8, 2013

Sunshine & Coffee

it is gorgeous out today;
i can hear birds tweeting up a storm
and the sun is shining through my
windows (that need cleaning!)

i am off to have coffee with a friend
and a possible walk in the sunshine!

it is well with my soul.

happy friday peeps!!

let's show someone a smile
and shine our lights!



thisisme said...

Hi there. I'm shining and I'm smiling!! The days are getting longer and I've been able to work on tge garden for two days this week - its wonderful to start tidying up after a very wet winter.

Linda said...

Cloudy here and the winds are picking up. I am still happy though! I'm going HOME tomorrow!!
Hope you enjoyed your coffee and walk!
Happy WEEK END!!

Melodee said...

sounds awesome! my hubs just left your state with sunshine back home here with rain, haha! usually it's the opposite! have a great weekend, hope your sun stays shining:)

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Love the straight hair look. :)
(love the curly, too,
but haven't seen you with straight)

Hope your weekend was BLESSED!

:) :) :)