Thursday, March 7, 2013

a thrifting I did go!

it started out a simple kind of morning.
my daughter was having her oil changed
and asked if i wanted to meet across
the street for coffee this morning.

i said, yes!
my husband and i met our daughter and grandson
at mcdonalds for coffee and the little guy was
able to play in the playland and burn some energy.

next thing you know we are heading to town
to go to two thrift stores!
we were on a mission...a certain book.
(which i did find!)
i scored 5 out of 7 in my series
along with more
dr. seuss books &
a few clifford books
to add to my collection for the boys!
yes, i am one of those girls
who can never have too many books or shoes! ;)

tonight is our small group.
we are meeting at a local restaurant
for fellowship and fun!

i hope tonight finds you all happy & content.

may you be blessed
and have a wonderful thursday!


1 comment:

Melodee said...

yes, never can have too many books or shoes!!!!