Sunday, March 24, 2013

a sunday outfit


since i live in the pacific northwest 
i usually pair all my dresses and skirts 
with boots.
i have quite a growing collection
and wear them all the time!

once it gets a bit warmer
i will wear footless tights
with sandals or better yet,
 some of my
vintage flats & vintage loafers (love them!)

but, for right now 
it is not warm enough for this girl,
so every day is a boot kind of day. ;)

this is what my sunday looked like.
a dress, cardigan
navy blue leggings and my boots.
it was a perfectly comfy outfit
and i stayed in it even when i got home from church. :)
not until after pizza and chips 
did i decide that maybe my
baggie sweats were calling my name. ha

i hope you have a lovely week.
next sunday is easter-

i hope you will take time
to be thankful...

He paid it all for us!

someday we will stand before Him
and He will say,
"the debt has been paid!"

wow. i. am. ever. so. thankful.



Abby B said...

Very Cute! I love it when a Sunday outfit is nice enough for church and comfy enough for "after-church" :) Love the idea of the blue leggings..such a nice change-up from black!

Also, I saw you are a 2x Breast Cancer survivor, my Mom is a Breast Cancer survivor as well (I work part part PART time as a Mammographer and because of my Mom it is so near and dear to my heart.)

thisisme said...

Lovely outfit. I have been wearing a lot of dresses recently, with coloured tights. So comfortable and, as you say, with boots. I had been panicking a bit about what to wear when the weather is warmer, with my dresses. It would seem that footless tights are the answer! Thank you for that. Can't believe that Easter is almost here already!

melody-mae said...

Yes, indeed I am a two time BC survivor. My first and second dx were 7 years apart. Just when I thought I was clean and clear...I never ever want to take another day for granted that is for sure!
Yay, for your Mom too! She is a Warrior! :)