Wednesday, January 30, 2013


it seems like it has been a very long time
since i have sat down to just write anything.

monday was my birthday.

yep, i turned a year older. ha

i had a great day though.
my hubbie and i went on a bit
of a road trip to go to one of my
favorite antique shops and then out
to lunch.

my husband is a man of habit-
so when i said, we were going to
to a restaurant he had never been to
he wrinkled his nose a bit. ha
but, in the end...
he really enjoyed it! :)

we sat in the restaurant
longer than usual and just
took in the surroundings, which by the way
are pretty cool.

then we walked next store
to a sweet little shop that is connected
to the restaurant and just wandered around.

we finally got back in the car
to head back closer to home,
i then received a text from our friends-
they wanted to know if we could meet them
at our favorite hang out...
barnes & noble!

so we met there and visited
and next thing i knew we were
headed out to the movie theatre. :)

what a sweet day it was.
i was spoiled rotten. (just like i like it. ha)

i told my hubs he didn't need to get me
a gift, because i already took care of it.

i gave him something in a bag
to give me. ;)
a new charm bracelet!

each month i will receive a new charm to add to it. LOVE.

i have a series idea i have been pondering for valentines. 
stay tuned will ya? 

have a wonderful rest of your week.




Carol Z said...

Sounds like a terrific day. Wishes for a very happy and healthy year and lots of celebrations.

Melodee said...

happy birthday! I love that you bought the bracelet and gave it to him to give to you!! so cute:)

Robyn Burke said...

glad your birthday was special. you deserve it!

Nonnie said...

Sounds like a great birthday to me. I like that you bought the bracelet. DH always says pick out something nice for yourself!! ;-) Looks like you did.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!

I didn't know we share a birthday week. (Mine was on the 24th.)

LOVE your day. Love antique shopping. Love lunch dates. Love Barnes & Noble. Love the Movie Theater. Sounds wonderful!

Birthday Hugs!

:) :) :)

Anthony said...

Happy belated birthday!

Anna said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Barnes and Nobles is the best! I miss going there. I'm so glad Declan is older now and I can finally start getting out into the world again. ;)