Friday, January 25, 2013

phone friday

since i had so much fun doing this last week;
i decided to do it again-

what's on my phone?
insta friday~

just outside my window.

frost in the morning.

i bought this map over 6 months ago
finally framed it! ;)

i wore a pleated skirt with cowboy boots 
and jean jacket 
on a date with my hubbie-
boots and a flowy pleated skirt? what is not to love? :)

part of our date included
barnes & noble
their signs always make me sigh.
i want them all. ;)

a challenge to read the new testament.
reading it on my kindle.

this short story was really good.
i read it in an hour!
my favorite quote was the last paragraph of the book
"I told you every day, and showed you in a thousand ways...
How loudly must I whisper before you hear Me?"

my cousin whom i haven't seen 
for a few years
stopped by for a visit 
and played all night with my grandson! :)
little guy LOVED it.

my friend and i went to coffee
she brought this handmade bracelet for me
from costa rica while on a mission trip.

every morning i open the blinds
and olive comes running.
it is her favorite spot to sit.

bundled up-
we lost our chief of police from cancer
and the whole town turned out to honor him.
there was a police processional for thirty miles.
with a police helicopter hovering above the police cars
as they went by.
so moving.
i was blessed to witness
the love and support shown
for him & for his young family.

RIP chief R

may you have a wonderful weekend!!
let's shine, shall we?



Holly Oshesky said...

Love your outdoor pics, they really capture a moment. Hopping over from InstaFriday

Melodee said...

love your blog and your instafriday pix.....your hat is adorable!! a new follower:)

Sweet Tea said...

I enjoyed seeing the things and people in your life, as well as hearing about what you are doing these days. Have a Great Weekend!

Robyn Burke said...

love you dear Melody-Mae!

Hanna said...

You look so great in that date outfit! I've always wanted to do cowboy boots with a dress or skirt but have yet to find a pair!!! Have a wondeful weekend!! Xoxoxox H

Mama Ds Dozen said...

My favorite food blogger just did a little fashion post, and I totally thought of you. Great style ideas from "a woman our age". :)

Coffee Date soon?

Laurel :)