Saturday, December 22, 2012


Buddy the Elf: I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite

my husband and i were out yesterday
running last minute errands
and getting last minute groceries-

as we walked by a woman
sitting all by herself
i smiled at her
and she smiled right back.
a nice big smile.

my husband was walking behind me
and all he saw
was the woman smiling
and he said,
"do you know her?"
i said, "no but, i smiled at her anyway!"

we never know how our one
simple little smile
might affect someone's day

it is such an easy thing 
to give out
and could make the difference in someone's life.

will you join me?
will you share your amazing smile
this christmas in all the hustle and bustle...
smile it does a body good! :)

shine your light
my friends!



Say What? said...

"Make Work Your Favorite" Ha ha! Love quoting that to my boys.

But you are right! Smiling is contagious. Merry Christmas!

Thoughts for the day said...

Wonderful advise. Will just do that as I go out today. blessings to you.

Robyn Burke said...

smiling at you today from far away! Just two more sleeps till we come home. Have to say smiling is something the Tico's do WELL here!! everyone is friendly.

Linda said...

I have heard the quote - 'Smile! People will wonder what you're up to!'

Smiles are gifts and ones we can all afford!!

Hanna said...

That's so nice. Love that! Thank you for leaving such a wonderful, understanding comment on my post today! It's nice to know your not alone even though you feel like you are:) merry Christmas!!!

Janis Cox said...

Shining His light by a smile. Lovely. May you continue to warm up the world by smiling His light.