Wednesday, December 19, 2012

seeing kindness

on monday,
my husband and our best friends
went to a fancy, schmancy movie theatre.

one where we watched the hobbit in 3D.

it was amazing!
i loved it.

i am a hobbit fan;
in fact, i had to read the book again
before we went to see it...
(which makes it the 4th time!)

after the movie the two couples
went our separate ways.
my husband wanted something to eat
besides candy & popcorn. (what?)

so we went to applebees.
as we were finishing up,
i heard this young couple behind us
with a tiny, itty bitty newborn.
he had returned to their table and said,
"our credit card was denied"
he went up to the waitress and asked
where the nearest atm was.
as the wife frantically counted her
cash while holding a newborn.

i whispered to my husband about
what was going on and said,
"maybe we should offer to pay"
which of course he agreed to do.
then, before we could do anything
the waitress walks over and says,
"don't worry about it. i've got it."

the couple thanked her and left.
my husband and i thought about this.
does she pay for that out of her own
salary, or does the restaurant?
we were not sure...
but, we were so impressed with the
gesture she offered.
we left her an extra $20.
on a napkin i wrote:
merry christmas to a very generous girl!

we hurried out before she saw it.
as we walked to the car
we both said, how amazing it felt to pay it forward!

we had witness kindness given
to that young couple with the crying infant!
it really reminded me that not only
this time of year, but all year round
there IS kindness out there.
it is not always ugly

there IS kindness out there
if you just look.

there IS beauty
if we take time to look.
merry christmas my friends.
happy. happy. joy. joy.

*updated to say:
i did not write this for any type
of pat on the back for us
but, to illustrate that there is kindness
in the world and not only the ugly
we see/hear on the news.



Windy City Mama said...

Thanks for sharing. It is nice to hear the good positive stories.

Robyn Burke said...

beauty is everywhere if we just take the time to see it. I am choosing to find beauty in this day thanks to your reminder. love you melody-mae!

Nicole said...

That brings me back to when I waited tables, pregnant 18 years old. One of my tables gave me $50 for Christmas. It touched my heart so much. Another time I was buying shoes for my older son and a lady insisted to pay for them. It these acts of kindness that let us know HIS light still shines even in the darkest days! Blessings, Nicole