Friday, December 28, 2012

busy bee?

i feel like i haven't stopped yet
like i was stuck in a twister
and haven't been able to find my way
out of it yet.
going around and around with barely time
to breathe.

family has been here from
oregon, arizona & california
which means we want to spend
as much time as we can with them.

we have had so much fun.
lot & lots of game playing this year.
which led to lots & lots of laughter!

game nights were a huge success,
& we made lots of wonderful memories!

one of the fun things this christmas
that made me smile;
my brother who after being
divorced for thirteen years,
proposed to his girlfriend!
& my two nieces were in on the proposal!

i am so happy for them all.

we still have one more weekend
left of busy fun.

and you?
did you enjoy yourself over the
christmas holiday?
were you like me and did you eat
your fair share of goodies?
were you able to make some great
memories to hide away in your heart?

what made you smile?
what made you happy?



Empty Nester said...

We did enjoy Christmas and I totally understand your tornado situation. :) I'm sitting here dreading taking all the decorations down and going back to school next week. It's been so nice just being around everyone and savoring every single minute. How are the missionaries doing? I noticed a picture on your sidebar---does that lead to their blog or site? I'd love to keep up with them. I am continuing to pray for them.

Robyn Burke said...

Well, you know my Christmas season was verrrry different from the norm! Still, I can relate to the busy-bee syndrome. And we discovered it's not all that different in another country!! have a wonderful New Years Celebration Melody-- looking forward to connecting soon,

Sweet Tea said...

You are in a "flurry" of activities and making memories that will make you smile for a very long time. Fun, but a bit tiring too. I understand.

melody-mae said...

@empty nester. Yes, the sidebar of the kids in Austria leads to there blog and a little bit about what is going on with them. :) She isn't great about updating her blog but, at least you can follow along if you want. :)

Farm Girl said...

Thank you for being my newest follower. I sat and read through your posts and cried. I loved the story of going to Applebee's and the young couple. It reminded me of another young couple you found no room for them in the Inn.
We are Hobbit fans around here too.
I love your blog and thank you for finding me. I will be back.
Thank you,
Kim at My Field of Dreams

mare ball said...

I ate entirely too much, but had a great time w/ family. One highlight was seeing Les Miserables. Such a powerful story. Jackman and Hathaway are spectacular!

Alica said...

I found your blog through you becoming a follower of mine...It's good to "meet" you! Your profile caught my Mom and sister are both breast cancer survivors (!!) and I am under high surveillance for some abnormalities as well. I've enjoyed reading through some of your most recent posts, and hope to read more in the future!