Friday, December 14, 2012

from our family to yours.

our whole family will not be able to celebrate christmas together this year.
i will miss hearing their voices & laughter fill my home...
but, i will treasure all the times we have had together;

all the love & memories.

last night as i lay in bed
i began to think of some of my christmases.

when i was growing up
we always got up early to get our stockings.

one year; 
the year i moved to washington state,
i was ten years old
my two brothers were 8 & 9.

this particular christmas eve 
my 9 year old brother went to bed with a flashlight-
at around 4 am maybe it was 5 am
my brother comes sneaking into my bedroom,
whispering my name...
melody, melody, melody!

off the three of us kids went, 
sneaking quietly down the stairs
to the front room.

the tree stood
all magical with it's lights all glowing
and the stockings hanging there...
bulging at the seams with gifts for us!

oh yes,
we snatched our stockings and began to giggle
with such excitement.
my parents
bless their hearts
wake up to watch us...
mom goes off to make some coffee
and dad sits there with that adorable smirky grin, on his face.

we tear open the stockings with only the anticipation
that a child can have!
i remember this wonderful christmas morning.

there have been so many lovely christmas mornings since.
beautiful ones, 
with three sweet little girls
with long hair and big green eyes,
in their jammies
on christmas morning.

the joy that escaped their mouths
as they opened their gifts.
the laughter,
the giggles,
the wrapping paper thrown everywhere,
the 'just what i always wanted'
being said.

the wonder & pure joy
of a child
on this special morning
it is the kind of thing
to treasure.

we have had so very many wonderful
 time spent together as a family.

i wrap each and every one of them
up tightly
and carry them in my heart.

one memory of a christmas morning with our sweet girls
that i remember;
we had always told our girls that they could get up as early as they wanted
to get their stockings but, they must wait for us to get up
to open any gifts under the tree.
now, most christmas mornings
i was up before the family
putting coffee on and getting ready for the excitement to follow.
but, on this one morning
as i lay there getting ready to get up...
i hear pitter patter of little feet.
someone is up & struggling to get down their stocking!
i get up and there on the floor is our 
middle daughter 
( the one who is a missionary now, in vienna)
she must have been around 8 years old at the time.
she is sitting on the floor beginning to open
her stocking.
what did i do?
i made coffee (just like my mom)

and we sat 
on the floor
in front of a warm furnace vent
as she began to open each and every gift.
the excitement and joy on her sweet face...
yes, i still remember it.
i treasure it.

 the years have quickly gone by;
in a blink of an eye.
our sweet family has grown-
two son in laws, and a future son in law
have joined our family!
i have also been blessed to 
spend christmas
with two sweet grandsons!

to be lucky enough.
blessed enough,
to watch christmas through their eyes.
oh, the joy.

this season; 
may you be filled with wonder.
with pure joy &
the sweetest of memories.

may you be filled with
love. laughter. family.
& the magic of christmas.

may you be blessed
and may you also be a blessing



thisisme said...

What truly lovely, warm memories there, Melody-mae, of Christmases past. Magical, and I could just conjure up the picture that you drew so beautifully for us. I wish you and all your family a very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful and healthy new year. Sending blessings your way.

Robyn Burke said...

beautiful memories. pura vida!!